Wedding Gang Rape

Intruders to a wedding immobilize the groom and guests then gang rape the bride.

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Me +17 points1050 days ago

This is really hot but i wish they kept her in the dress for just a little longer Reply Report

angelnoose +20 points903 days ago

I wish they woulda raped her in the dress. Reply Report
Your ass

Your ass +1 points905 days ago

Lol bitch /\ Reply Report

sunshineslutgirl531 +15 points834 days ago

rape me guys Reply Report
This person

This person -1 points14 days ago

@sunshineslutgirl531 it's not rape, you consent to it Reply Report

jason99 +4 points471 days ago

I'd rape you for days, you'd be my slave. I would fully restrain you and repeatedly take you. Reply Report

tm -14 points684 days ago

you think rape is funny? get a life Reply Report
tm is a hypocrite

tm is a hypocrite +7 points317 days ago

@tm Reply Report

killer_clownz -3 points760 days ago

I'll be the unsub if I can tie you up and hurt you also :) Reply Report

joyousonex +9 points676 days ago

Excellent video. But I woulda perved it up a little by, making her husband give her head after they had all screwed her, raped another female guest and made her suck off one of the other male guests. Reply Report

torishavelle +8 points214 days ago

am i the only girl who is interested into this sick shit?? Reply Report

Lovelykitty   0 points19 days ago

@torishavelle nope Reply Report

mohsin   0 points94 days ago

@torishavelle Hello, can you invite me to join this site? Reply Report

BJ +4 points1048 days ago

hot af
Reply Report

Yaankee822 +2 points451 days ago

a very good video Reply Report

alwayshorny247 +2 points641 days ago

Makes my pussy wet...she got the perfect wedding gift Reply Report

Seckyyio +2 points560 days ago

Yes wow Reply Report

tvm +2 points155 days ago

he loved her cos was gonna get married she gets attack he walks off lovely NOT what an ass AND RAPE IS WRONG anyway ffs Reply Report

#killfools +1 points365 days ago

kill fools who dont like rape they ruin the world Reply Report

Polly36 +1 points210 days ago

If I had been her I’d just be pissed that one of them had a tiny dick and didn’t fuck me hard enough Reply Report
Sister obsesion

Sister obsesion +1 points126 days ago

I fuck my sister violent. It wasnt rape bacause she wanted. Every day her husband sleeps. We fuck Reply Report

Karter   0 points33 days ago

Shouldn't sensor it Reply Report

Andoneinthechamber   0 points36 days ago

I don’t understand Japanese what was the lunch line? Reply Report

Jajaja9182   0 points354 days ago

shja Reply Report
Biggus Dickus

Biggus Dickus   0 points124 days ago

Hey Frankie, I think she likes it !! Reply Report
Crpf jhh

Crpf jhh   0 points109 days ago

Hgb Reply Report

SubmissiveSlut413   0 points92 days ago

I wish a guy would rape me Reply Report

Mikio   0 points29 days ago

Reply Report
Rape me men

Rape me men   0 points20 days ago

My pussy is so wet watching these
Reply Report

headlessrainbow   0 points11 days ago

Best family tradition ever. Reply Report

dumbmotherfuckingass -1 points821 days ago

I would like to slap that ass.
Turns me on the moment I see her struggle.
Reply Report

Nigga -13 points714 days ago

Perv Reply Report

Mra4ever -1 points167 days ago

Looks like her special day was very very special indeed. Reply Report

Available -1 points45 days ago

Anyone online for dirty talk Reply Report

xcxcjt -2 points880 days ago

i wish to be that girl too..... Nice !! Reply Report

rocky69 -2 points827 days ago

I wont in that video

Reply Report

tm -2 points684 days ago

this is stupid no need for this crap

Reply Report

gaith -3 points330 days ago

nice rape Reply Report

Angeline -4 points639 days ago

Trust me boys! Rape is real fun!! Girls likes it ;) Once I was raped by 4-5guys! That was really thrilling experience! Would love to have it again!! Reply Report

katnyx +3 points210 days ago

@Angeline that was probably just another one of your wet dreams. no one actually enjoys rape. Reply Report
That one Guy

That one Guy -5 points573 days ago

Will all of you do the world a favor and just kill yourselves? Reply Report

Kys -6 points682 days ago

Get a life motherfuckers.
Reply Report
Yuki Higari

Yuki Higari -12 points565 days ago

Don't ever try to give a western girl any kind of rape pleasure. They'll enjoy it and get you in trouble.
Their stupid laws have no balance of the genders and women are considered to be exactly like men. Silly westerners
Reply Report