Cute girls cut bums face open.

Shocking video of cute Asian girls cutting a bums face open with box cutter, and they all laugh at him. Really fucked up.

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podkabluchnik +15 points871 days ago

Does anyone have their email addresses? Particularly the girl with the knife... ))))) Reply Report

femmefury +4 points854 days ago

whaaa.... I knew those Asian movies go way further, but.. this one is definitely the 'hardest' I've seen! Seems a 'pay' video, so... where is their website? Curious what they further produced.... :) Reply Report
pc principal

pc principal +3 points869 days ago

I think thats the first asian porn ive felt went too far Reply Report

podkabluchnik +13 points868 days ago

Why? It was what he wanted, and what they wanted too. There is another clip of the same girls with this guy, where they heat up an iron and brand him, And burn him with cigarettes. Lucky guy :)) Reply Report

jacksonpeter113 -1 points836 days ago

where is the other video Reply Report

podkabluchnik +2 points716 days ago

I have seen it on Superzooi, but I am not affliated with them at all. Reply Report

cool +1 points871 days ago

i hope he get all ladies pussy after that... Reply Report

Jinx +1 points382 days ago

Maldita asiatica pendeja!! Reply Report
oh hell nah niggah

oh hell nah niggah +1 points872 days ago

shit man I thought this was going to be fake fuck fuck fuck fuck ow ahhhhh god damn dick n balls Reply Report
Potent pervert

Potent pervert +1 points794 days ago

They should shave his hairy cock with the box cutter Reply Report

hmm.... +1 points245 days ago

2 bombs wasnt enough Reply Report

Rembrandt -1 points420 days ago

Girlfriend just wanna have fun Reply Report
Fuck America

Fuck America -1 points667 days ago

Americans are crazy.... wait I thought Americans were lowlife scum shit my whole world view is turned upside down Reply Report