Teen Strangled And Stabbed

Cute brunette strangled and stabbed in the guts by a halloween masked intruder.

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Belly-Fever +1 points761 days ago

This act is not as sexy as it should be !
All the fruit juice are following upwards or sideways so that
the girl's panty remains pretty clean and dry !
The music is also too loud.
What a waste of effort !
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Fun guy

Fun guy   0 points992 days ago

Again if she had really been stabbed in her abdomen that many times her bowel would bulge out through the tear! Also she'd bleed profusely. Rather than stabbing let's see her tits whipped to mounds of pulp and her snatch to mush!! Reply Report
mike s

mike s   0 points1053 days ago

its fake retard, blood doesnt look like fruit punch Reply Report
Friday the 13th

Friday the 13th   0 points739 days ago

This video is such shit! Totally fake - do it right next time. The girl wasn't even that good looking IMHO. Reply Report
Fun guy

Fun guy   0 points998 days ago

Pity such a hot woman is wasted in this fantasy! I'd like to see her flogged across her tits till they're reduced to raw meat! Reply Report

josethehornyperv -4 points1053 days ago

You fucking sick piece of shit mother fucker,....poor defenseless girl. If I was there I would've killed that motherfucker and save the girl. I hope that motherfucker gets hit by a tractor trailer and goes to hell and burns in hell for what he did. What goes around comes around buddy it's the law of the universe. Your deed will not go unpunished. Reply Report

Dumbass +4 points1052 days ago

LOL, really? You thought this was real? The fact that after he choked her, her breathing was just fine and not rapid/shallow? The fact that the "blood" is about as runny as water? God, lol, wannabe Internet white knight.

This shit is fake as fuck.
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Josendumbfuckcuz +1 points1052 days ago

What this shit was not real, but I have a murder boner?? Reply Report