Kidnapped, Beaten, Raped, And Sold

Pretty young thing is kidnapped off the streets in Europe. They strip her violent, beat her up, one of them rapes her. They then whip her and sell her to customers to abuse.

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hardyjohn +15 points975 days ago

what a sick fuck. I loved every fucking minute of it Reply Report

samanthadutchslut +14 points938 days ago

mmm this is fucking awesome Reply Report
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My dick in your ass +4 points803 days ago

I will tear you up. Fuck the living shit out of you. Hours will become days of nonstop hardcore fucking and Cumming Reply Report

Ashleyy +1 points599 days ago

Come fuck me like this daddy Reply Report

Damn.. -1 points670 days ago

Damn, if only my bf could be like you
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Uhh   0 points670 days ago

Ass** Reply Report
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Need sex now +7 points986 days ago

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giber +7 points930 days ago

Great video Reply Report

9-incher +6 points944 days ago

in all seriousness she coulda won an oscar for that performance. great edgy piece of filmmaking. Reply Report

anon777 +4 points469 days ago

Sick shit and awesome acting. As a fantasy great but in the back of my head i find it disgusting that this ever actually happens ...and it does a lot. Reply Report

Littlegirl99 +3 points399 days ago

Someone Fuck me like This for weeks pls i want to be sold Reply Report

Mark +1 points1219 days ago

What's her name? Reply Report

best666 -14 points1126 days ago

Who the fuck cares shes pobely dead by now this video was posted to tese her loved ones after all. Lol come to think of it tale a look no one reporeted this bitches tape so guess she caref more about the than they did her Reply Report

starman797 +3 points489 days ago

@best666 Nope, she's a professional and has done at least two other films of a similar nature. Just a good actress! Reply Report
un named

un named +1 points962 days ago

This girl reigns supreme as the most realistic porn actress. Most porn is stupid and so unrealistic. This girl is the best actress...or at least I hope she is an actress. Reply Report

starman797 -1 points562 days ago

It's an act (and a very convincing one). This girl is in several other films, equally good acting! Reply Report
Wishful thinking

Wishful thinking +1 points597 days ago

you know, I kinda wish this was real...she must have liked it on some level Reply Report
Paul Bismuth

Paul Bismuth +1 points653 days ago

Why is that forbidden ?! Reply Report

angelique21 +1 points561 days ago

I can't believe it's taken me so long to find this vid......Loved it..... Reply Report

julieboi88 +1 points541 days ago

Men only if you were to rape what would you like most about rape? should they fight or submit? i use ya hoo
Reply Report

Uselesswhore +1 points231 days ago

I would give anything to be her Reply Report

TwistedFuckMan +1 points160 days ago

Where was the beating, he just fucking tapped her, where's the fist, the bruises, the black eyes, fuck what a piss weak beating, every fucking hit should have been closed fist, fucking hurt the slut. Reply Report
Dom the world.

Dom the world. +1 points67 days ago

Dude....seriously? 26 minutes before he sticks his dick in a useful hole? What a waste..a true rape scenario should never include oral because they dont need the option of biting ...thats too much control to give a worthless fuckhole. A true rape scene should start with extremely rough anal without lube and THEN beat them, your pleasure comes first not thiers, how dare you beat her first? No you rape her tight ass first and then if she cries enough and takes her bruises you can rape her cunt next. Reply Report
K boss

K boss   0 points1101 days ago

Why want it let me see the whole movie?
Reply Report

TELL ME NOW   0 points1017 days ago


johnnygee48   0 points815 days ago

excellent training videos for fuck sluts Reply Report

Remediosfucksmumhardslut   0 points713 days ago

Mmmmm that's me gettinfycked niece fucked me hard too... Reply Report

Teenhoney -2 points428 days ago

@Remediosfucksmumhardslut mmm I will be your niece that virgin...i beg you stop your my uncle please don't I am virgin it my first time Reply Report

HOMfan   0 points667 days ago

She's also in the one called "Great Rape Scene." Reply Report

julieboi88   0 points522 days ago

i want to be her Reply Report

...   0 points178 days ago

I'd like link of her more videos to confirm that she's an actress! Or give me her name.. If it's not a movie but for real, it couldn't be more disgusting and should be reported asap. Reply Report

s9doughboy   0 points246 days ago

shes so fucking hot

Reply Report
xxx lover

xxx lover -1 points890 days ago

Available this actor series video
give me link i love her...
Reply Report

sylvieobject -1 points714 days ago

fantasy ... in reality, sylvié is turned into a hoe like this object here ... forced ..... Reply Report

Southside -1 points200 days ago

Pretty lame. Basically a rough sex video. The dude doesn't even have enough balls to smack her around. She did look pretty sexy when her face was covered with pecker snot. Reply Report

Terier -2 points333 days ago

It's very important to know her name Reply Report
"No name"

"No name" -2 points993 days ago

This is not real, she's just a good actress and she has other videos like Brutalviolence - Paralysed Abuse, Friday the 13th, & The Kidnapping (this video). Plus I am trying really fucking hard to find her name. Reply Report

xxxkkkkkk -2 points650 days ago

is this the full video?
Reply Report

SubmissiveSlut413 -2 points274 days ago

I wish I could be a sex slave, I'm a fat and ugly slut who's only purpose is to pleasure men and I want to put my holes to good use Reply Report

alexburris -3 points306 days ago

All these years that I’ve watched this gal’s videos and I still don’t know her name. Anyone out there have it? She’s an outstanding rape porn actress. Reply Report

a10thmandown -1 points300 days ago

@alexburris Dou you know where to find the full version of "little fight"? Reply Report

Messenger -3 points162 days ago

this is evil devilish and satanic, repent from these, believe in Jesus Christ as your savoir and give your life to Him for salvation to escape from God judgement Reply Report
bunch of retards

bunch of retards -9 points957 days ago

LOL if this is real, why is there a cameraman following her around Reply Report

Nonefgg -13 points1099 days ago

I hope that this is fake... this is fucking sick. Reply Report
No Name

No Name -14 points1001 days ago

this is desgusting :( Reply Report