Black Rape Two Drugged Asians

Five black guys take turns raping two drugged Asian women. They leave them broken, crying and filled with cum.

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Jenna +33 points1333 days ago

I want this to happen to me Reply Report

justride   0 points58 days ago

@Jenna I hope you would not enjoy it too much. Reply Report

thunderbirds +1 points120 days ago

@Jenna Hi, I would do that to you. Pity i love in the U K Reply Report

o0moony0o +6 points1069 days ago

me too!! lucky bitches Reply Report

Mambo +6 points1117 days ago

Id luv to slide my blk cock in u....interested Reply Report

Schteve +9 points1260 days ago

BUt you'll be unconscious........ ? :D Reply Report
915 el paso

915 el paso +1 points1333 days ago

Reply Report

forceme +12 points1179 days ago

I want to know the feeling of being drugged and raped. I'd hope they taped it so I could see exactly what was done to me after. Reply Report

scoutmeridian +6 points964 days ago

Me and my girl did this - its her favourite thing to watch... we've made many more since :) x Reply Report

Getyofreakon +3 points1163 days ago

Y not just have someone force you? Then you would know how it felt. :/ Reply Report

026703 +9 points605 days ago

Why do people think Rape is ok? It’s just horrible, My girlfriend was raped and shortly after she committed suicide... Reply Report

Slapman +5 points1145 days ago

Where is the real rape videos ? Reply Report

actuallymyname +5 points1021 days ago

Look up Poor Little thing kidnapped and raped on xvideos. My fav of all time she screams, crys, and fights against him the entire time.
Reply Report

Totalynonfakename +4 points1078 days ago

Ikr I want to see someone actually get raped not liking the dick 2 mins in no I want to see some1 crying like a baby while getting fucked and I want that shit to be real Reply Report

Fuckmoi +3 points1051 days ago

Can you do that me? Reply Report

Heg +3 points553 days ago

The camera is fucking gay as he focused more the black guys than on the girls.

Man, fuck that faggot.
Reply Report
Da Saviour

Da Saviour +2 points719 days ago

Not rape if you like it, PLUS I'd be that random Asian Guy who acts as the Hero and beats the guys and gets 2 chicks to myself :lol Reply Report

Littleslut +1 points723 days ago

I want black guys to gang rape me :( Reply Report

Niko9273 +1 points476 days ago

I want to get tied up and my ass raped by a lot of massive cocks with no mercy. Push bigger and bigger objects into my ass hole, I can do nothing to avoid it. Gag me if I'm screaming too much. Reply Report
Jack smith

Jack smith +1 points96 days ago

They always eat the pussy Reply Report

whitewhore1   0 points273 days ago

i love nigger dick Reply Report

Yeezus   0 points233 days ago

Did anyone see pt1. It was real no questions asked. This one.. not sure but they follow the same format couch then mattress down same men also 2 Asian women Reply Report

Blackbro   0 points224 days ago

That is how you fuck an asian Reply Report

Victoria12321   0 points80 days ago

Wish this happened to me. It would be so much fun Reply Report

reparations   0 points69 days ago

These girls look Chinese, so in all reality they probably are being raped per say. Thousands of Chinese girls each year are promised a better life in the US working as maids or even models (if pretty enough). Then when they get here they find out they were mis led by human traffickers and forced into prostitution or to make porn just like this by their pimps. I just wish they would do this with more white girls, pimping blonde and redhead teens tricking them into Africa making their white bellies swell via highest Nigerian bidder. Reply Report

headlessrainbow -1 points253 days ago

Oh. Asians really do sound like that when they're raped. I thought that was just anime. Reply Report

pussycatloly -6 points564 days ago

lucky hoes Reply Report

Oralslave-assfucker   0 points81 days ago

@pussycatloly I've done it before 2 times and they never told ! I sucked their young pussies then fucked them ....... both young and my sister-in-laws Reply Report