Girl Stabbed In Belly

Half naked girl gets stabbed in the belly and bleeds out to death.

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Dr.White +28 points1109 days ago

Dear patient,
Your uterus had been punctured.
Blood is running down your organ & coming out from your vagina . . .
Your need a tampon or maxipad to absorb the heavy flow !
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Xtreme +22 points1114 days ago

The vibrating knife on the soft belly is very sexy, too !
I had never seen a knife being so firmly attached to an actress' belly
like this such that it can vibrate actively in phase with the actress' breathing !
I rate this as a breakthrough in this kind of performance !
Very well done !
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Belly-Fever +18 points1115 days ago

Yes ! That's the most sexy way to stab a girl !
Excellent !
The little white panty is very sexy, especially when blood is dripping
down slowly towards the apex . . .
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Hillman +18 points1112 days ago

Very good ! Very sexy !
Theoretically, a frightened woman should breath rapidly and hence
her belly should also be undulating vigorously.
A close up of this itself is already sexy to watch !
A belly undulating with a knife stabbed on it is even more appealing !!
This phenomenon is often missing in this kind of performance but it is
done in this one !
So, I rate this show as Outstanding !
Thanks very much !
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Pantilover +16 points793 days ago

Oh, dear girl,
You are bleeding so sexily !
I can feel the pain in your belly and feel pity for you !
I would like to give you a piece of maxipad to absorb your flow !
Which brand are you using?
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M-Blood Swallower

M-Blood Swallower +16 points755 days ago

Good fantasy !
I would like to be the maxipad to absorb the blood flowing on the
girl's navel, belly, pussy and vagina . . .
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Dennis +12 points1100 days ago

Oh, dear girl, I would like to buy your bloody panty !
What price is it ?
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Slash man

Slash man -1 points1009 days ago

Don't stab this hottie! Let's see her nice tits whipped to pulp and her cunt to mush!! Reply Report
Fun guy

Fun guy -2 points1010 days ago

I don't see why they can't make a first rate video of a woman having her tits whipped to a bloody mess! I've never been able to find one. Reply Report

Slasher -2 points1010 days ago

Let's see her stabbed slowly right in her pussy! Then stab her belly and cut it open so her bowel is pulled out! Reply Report