young mentally ill chinese forced to undress and touch pussy

I am sure that guys who work in psychatric hospital have nice sex opportunities

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Sad life

Sad life +10 points593 days ago

She's not crazy,sever case of bullying very sad, Reply Report
Gerald Toad

Gerald Toad +7 points731 days ago

I love these videos... But they never go far enough. This slut is naked and helpless... Just beat the fuck out of her and then every guy there fuck her. And finally everyone piss on her... Hours of fun Reply Report
Gerald\'s friend

Gerald\'s friend +1 points649 days ago

I'd fuck you Reply Report
Poor gal

Poor gal +7 points792 days ago

Delete this Reply Report
Porr girl

Porr girl +12 points616 days ago

This is disgustingtake this shit down..... Reply Report
Why did you search for it on Heavy-R then?

Why did you search for it on Heavy-R then? +16 points615 days ago

I know, right? Imagine that. You open a vid called "young mentally ill chinese forced to undress and touch pussy" and that is EXACTLY WHAT IT IS!

You fuckers are so full of shit. Stop trying to guilt people when you looked this up lol
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no name

no name -1 points419 days ago

U r such a JERK Reply Report

Yike +6 points185 days ago

She is not mentally ill. They are all students from the same school. Heck, the same uniform. I even had someone to translate for me. They were speaking Cantonese. The girl stole something from one of her classmates. So they beat the crap out of her. Then one guy told her to strip. She asked "if I strip, will you stop beating me?". Anyway, she stripped. They said not good enough. So she pulled shirts all the way up, and pants all the way down. They said it is still not good enough. They told her to take everything off one at a time. She complied. Then they told her to spread legs and touch herself. Reply Report

777777777777777777777777777777 +2 points195 days ago

She is not metally ill. She is just a school girl be bullied. Reply Report

Disgusted +2 points200 days ago

I'd fucking punch the shit out of those bullies. Jeez, people know no boundaries. Reply Report

+1 points187 days ago

she's nice. I'd hit her. Reply Report

freakygirl69   0 points240 days ago

check out my vldeos Reply Report
no, fuck you

no, fuck you   0 points215 days ago

@freakygirl69 Reply Report

niceguy66   0 points207 days ago

Hot looking,nice Reply Report

Aitken   0 points32 days ago

Please delete this video ,this girl need people help not bully and watch her body , don't u feel shy Reply Report

crazymike   0 points16 days ago

fucking world

Reply Report

fukuall -1 points104 days ago

they should fuck the bitch or put another patient with her and make them fuck Reply Report