Weird Mom Fucking Boy Doll

Crazy milf going insane on a doll. She bounces up and down and grinds her pussy over it till she climaxes.

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briana +23 points1095 days ago

Nothing more pleasuring than rubbing your pussy against something lol Reply Report

LOL +15 points1096 days ago

If this was a guy and the doll was a little girl instead, WW3 Reply Report
S tr

S tr +4 points1093 days ago

There are like 50 videos just like that on this site already... Reply Report

Cribleys +11 points1092 days ago

Wanna link me Reply Report

psyduck +9 points1096 days ago

if it had been a man with a doll it would like pedophilia, but this ... Reply Report

Ilovelindsey +8 points992 days ago

This is so hot!! I want to marry this sexy lady!! Beautiful Reply Report
Jay Bones

Jay Bones +8 points1095 days ago

I hope the doll had a bigger cock than a real boy that age would have had. Either way, WTF lady, its a little kid.

Now if this had been a guy with a little girl doll... fappity fappity fappity
Reply Report

Clitlicker +5 points610 days ago

Lol this ladies a pedo Reply Report

smally +2 points1065 days ago

I want her she is hot Reply Report
Joe Blow

Joe Blow +2 points858 days ago

My g/f made love to me and her daddy. Then he made her suck her 4 yo son and got him to fuck her and pee in her pussy. She fucking loved it and was moaning so loud I thought the neighbors were going to hear her. Reply Report

muufley +5 points492 days ago

That's cute, you realize this is a non encrypted site (no https), your ISP can see everything you write and knows exactly who you are and where you live. You're not as anonymous as you think you moron. Reply Report

jannybh   0 points514 days ago

some moms are still great Reply Report
From Slovakia

From Slovakia +1 points1095 days ago

Why fucking a doll? Why not fucking me? Reply Report
Jay Bones

Jay Bones -2 points1095 days ago

No, she'll be fucking me as soon as I find out where she lives!!! Reply Report

charles +1 points1091 days ago

I remember I used to lie naked in my bed and pretend to be asleep with the covers slighty off showing my dick. My mother would come in to tuck me in and would always rub me a little before covering me up.. I just wish I'd have taken it further Reply Report

belk   0 points441 days ago

Me too! Pm me Reply Report

JockII +1 points1019 days ago

Wonderful lady, she's realli in to it Reply Report

jannybh +1 points514 days ago

Great when she jumped onto his face! Think, she should even soil him. Reply Report

Wes +1 points74 days ago

Why wanna fuck this women she definitely my type Reply Report

sallooma85   0 points941 days ago

nice what's her name Reply Report

Petey   0 points537 days ago

rub yr pussy on my face briana
Reply Report

DELETE THE VIDEO   0 points189 days ago

how can i report this SICK video???? This is vile. i'm crying. how is this ever been allowed. this is sick. It's the size of a child! a CHILD!!! this is horrid, evil. Reply Report

Wow123   0 points266 days ago

I'm sure this isn't illegal, but WOW is it fucked up... Reply Report

bootybandit   0 points183 days ago

That's really hot to be honest Reply Report

Renju19   0 points113 days ago

Very nice video Reply Report

aaahhyrdcvhiutdghh   0 points46 days ago

asffr Reply Report

Yesh   0 points39 days ago

Reply Report

Pickles -1 points1094 days ago

You know that her HD is full of CP. Reply Report
slut 23

slut 23 -8 points1096 days ago

fuck sick bitch. weirdo. Reply Report

Member +10 points1096 days ago

Shut up Reply Report

Boosh! +2 points1074 days ago

No you STFU Reply Report