Thai Lady or Ladyboy QUIZ

Can you tell the difference between the male and female prostitutes in the Thai red light district?

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iruingirls +6 points1071 days ago

Heree the answers for ya, but i think that whatever the otucome i reckon you guys (like me also) would let any of em suck ya cock anyway! .....
1 = LBOY, 2 = LBOY, 3 = LADY, 4 = LBOY, 5 = LBOY, 6 = LBOY, 7 = LADY, 8 = LBOY, 9 = LADY, 10 = LBOY, 11 = LBOY, 12 = LADY, 13 = LADY, 14 = LADY, 15 = LBOY.
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Indonesia +3 points1072 days ago

We can see their Adam's apple. They can use silicone in their breasts, but Adam's apple can not be dissected by anyone in the world. Reply Report
Porter Robinson

Porter Robinson +4 points1072 days ago

I'm a male and my Adam's apple is discret Reply Report

manatee +1 points1072 days ago

i cant tell of any of them/and i dont care i luv both Reply Report

KdeMamOci   0 points1072 days ago

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Herald   0 points1071 days ago

Can someone tell me how mach a thai slut costs? :) Reply Report

letsgotowork30   0 points1070 days ago

i don't care, i'll fuck them allllllllllllllll Reply Report

hornblower   0 points1070 days ago

Who cares? All looked hot! Reply Report

aww   0 points1069 days ago

I hope all of them are ladyboys :x Reply Report

ThaiLBfucker   0 points138 days ago

All LB Reply Report

xxxthailoverxxx -1 points892 days ago

where is the solution? Reply Report

penor -1 points1071 days ago

i wish we could find out which is which lol Reply Report
Jay Bones

Jay Bones -1 points1070 days ago

1 LB, 2 LB, 3 L, can't remember after that, but the first two were LB's for sure Reply Report

frankw265 -34 points1072 days ago

Rubbish. Reply Report

Indonesia +8 points1072 days ago

If you say RUBBISH, why do you come to see this website and watch video in this website ?. Reply Report

iruingirls +31 points1072 days ago

frank mate you make me laugh, i reckon every member on here knows your a fucking troll and i saw the vid had 5 stars earlier and see it with now and my first thought was i bet franks been on and gave it 1 star.. then i saw your comment so im guessing i was right!
if you had your way the only vids on the internet would be of lesbian scat and even then you complain about certain bits of it. the site would be better off without you and your hundreds of bullshit comments on everybodies vids. im ranting a bit but thats because your pathetic, you javnt ever uploaded a single vid but you go onto every vid on the site and say RUBBISH, sort ya life out mate.
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diggerau   0 points1071 days ago

well said Frank is a wanker. Love your videos. The girls in this one are fantastic. Would love to meet some of then one day Reply Report
dont matter

dont matter +4 points1072 days ago

i will fuck all the girls, and ladyboys Reply Report