Rape Scene From Movie Karla

Woman is bound, gagged, raped and beaten in this scene from the movie called Karla (2006).

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ashleygreene +3 points682 days ago

I just love these rape scene videos! Reply Report

Randallmac1982 +1 points510 days ago

Raping a slut and beat her to death. Only an extra torture makes it perfect. Reply Report
Fuck Humanity

Fuck Humanity   0 points595 days ago

I'd really like to castrate and disembowel that animal. His nuts would make a good trophy... Hell, a Rapist-Nuts-Necklace would make a hell of a gift for my girlfriend. Reply Report

sweetooth1969 +6 points587 days ago

um you do know its a movie and they are acting Reply Report

Blablablablaaaaa   0 points87 days ago

Ashleygreene...you really like this kind of things??? Reply Report
Released felon

Released felon -1 points407 days ago

I used to like it when cunts struggle before I fucked them, I have broken and fractured arms,fingers,noses,ribs,jaws and knocked teeth out and if they were having their period the beating was more severe Reply Report

JuddLorne -2 points572 days ago

Movie rape scenes are becoming more common. I think it's because rape has become more common. In the U.S., one of every three females can expect to be raped at some point in her lifetime. And most women under the age of 39 have had anal sex at least once. More and more rapists are using anal rape because it makes them harder sooner, allows them to maintain an erection longer, enables them to cum more than once, and feels so much more intense and pleasurable than just vaginal rape. Reply Report

LongHardDee +3 points344 days ago

You know that the whole 1in every 3 statistic is wildly inaccurate. The real stastic is more along the lines of 1 in every 103 is raped and it is actually going down. It used to be 1 out of every 97. Reply Report