Two Girls Shitting

Two beauties squad on the toilet and bathtub and shit on the bathroom floor.

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Lena11 +12 points1226 days ago

When I´m with my parents in these better restaurants, I always leave the Lady´s toilet like this. Reply Report

qwerty +6 points1227 days ago

That's some good shit. Reply Report
Sitting here wanking

Sitting here wanking +6 points1226 days ago

What a lovely pair of holes.

Girl in the left just manages to look better and push out a nicer stool.

Well done to then both regardless.
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The REAL American Idiot

The REAL American Idiot   0 points905 days ago

I agree! If I had to choose a turd to tuck into, the girl on the left produced the more appetising 1. :) Reply Report

Shyam +3 points1227 days ago

Delectable poop holes. Cleaned and dried, then licked and sucked can send the girls sky high. Reply Report

golden_d1ck   0 points737 days ago

i loved the left girl <3 Reply Report

AndrewT   0 points731 days ago

Loved the shitting...Only why did the girl, on the left, wear socks? The girl, on the right, showed her lovely feet-as she strained, beautiful. Reply Report
Your mom

Your mom   0 points191 days ago

Yum Reply Report

Mm -17 points1226 days ago

You guys are sick that like shit.... Search for help Reply Report
ed 10000

ed 10000 +1 points610 days ago

I love to watch a hot babe take a shit. It's also neat to see a 90 pound Asian babe trying to push turd out of their asshole the size of a pickle. Nothing like watching their whole body shudder because they can't get the turd out. Then pull their panties up using them as toilet paper. Reply Report

SuperPooperScooper +1 points1046 days ago

So why are you here? If you don't like it get the fuck out of here troll bitch! Reply Report

fetishist +7 points1198 days ago

What's your problem? If guy like shit what comes out from beautiful females asshole he's perfectly healthy. Reply Report