The Branding of slave abigail #525-871-465

One year ago today, Master James (JT) enslaved abigail #525-871-465 as his owned property in contract registered through The Slave Register. Was issued on the 27th day of september 2014. An anniversary commemorated by burning the skin with a hand made brand of the Master/slave pride flag on the back of the neck, marking her for life as owned. I take great pride in her as my slave and love her as mine till I no longer take breath.. Meaning of the brand - Master Slave Pride flag - The single vertical line means authority, power, or dominance. The three horizontal lines together is an established ideogram. In one system of psychological signs the three horizontal lines symbol is used to mean 'passive intellect', which is synonymous with submissive.

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Dom +13 points874 days ago

I am a dom, i have had a request to brand a sub (by her) and denied it, though it turned me on to think of it. Reply Report

shawna127 +5 points144 days ago

Spoken like a true Gentleman. We need more men like you.... Reply Report

Dirk +7 points870 days ago

wish I owned one of the dumb slave they are pricey and go for a lot in the Slave Registry. Would prefer my pet slave to be branded on her ass cheek rather then her neck, but I guess that's optional. Reply Report
menstrual blood swallower

menstrual blood swallower +6 points869 days ago

was her cunt shaved Reply Report
Saul Silver

Saul Silver +4 points868 days ago

That's fucked up man. Reply Report
dick t

dick t +2 points138 days ago

I wonder if the bitch had an orgasm when he branded her? Reply Report
Thunder of Justice

Thunder of Justice +1 points61 days ago

You people are fucking idiots. Reply Report

licker101   0 points51 days ago

Beautiful figure and ass... Reply Report

Stickman -3 points876 days ago

That was fucking stupid! burning your girl like that no way! Reply Report

brandi -4 points418 days ago

Using matches to heat the branding iron would have been less time consuming. Reply Report
No Name

No Name -12 points876 days ago

What is this? Why brand someone? This is sick. Its like slavery in america all over again. Reply Report

Bolita   0 points148 days ago

You have a name Douche bag Reply Report

MFA +1 points307 days ago

this is BDSM slavery meaning the slave (the submissive) is the one who is real in control compared to actual slaves who are not Reply Report