Suffocated To Death In Vaccum Bag

Japanese teen pissed herself while suffocated do death in a plastic vaccum bag.

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podkabluchnik +15 points1153 days ago

The pissing makes a delicious addition to this erotic bagging :)) Reply Report +9 points1152 days ago

↑↑↑↑↑ Reply Report
Dindu Nuffin

Dindu Nuffin +8 points1152 days ago

An old one but a classic. Reply Report

Him +7 points1084 days ago

If you walked in on this would you help her... Or let he suffocate?
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WildChyld   0 points126 days ago

@Him Help her by putting a Hitachi on her crotch. Reply Report

Cruel   0 points711 days ago

I would not help her, I'd rather entertain myself by watching her scream as she is slowly starting to fade away. Reply Report

x +6 points1152 days ago

Is hope this is fake.. Reply Report

yup +2 points815 days ago

It is Reply Report

Seef +4 points1104 days ago

stupid bitch let him do it!!!... I wouldn't be letting her out!!! Reply Report

muufley +5 points625 days ago

Great, then you'd be a murdere, you fuckin dumbass Reply Report

slutgirl +3 points1153 days ago

Considering how depraved the Japanese are I would love to see what they do with the corpse. I would imagine it is beyond sick. Reply Report

Uueii8888828u3u3ur8   0 points546 days ago

She's just unconcious and this isn't even the whole video, that's on motherless Reply Report

Hdhsjdjjfjd +2 points682 days ago

I would love to do this to somone Reply Report
Schmeck Weasel

Schmeck Weasel   0 points129 days ago

This reminds me, I need to take my chicken out of the freezer bag for dinner. Reply Report

snuffme69 -1 points549 days ago

I want to be suffocated...or Drowned... Reply Report
It\'s easy really

It\'s easy really   0 points341 days ago

@snuffme69 get a payoff nah it go underwater
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