Real rape of schoolgirl filmed by security camera

It is dangereous to go to school in Japan. Very real grafic video

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accukrak +42 points850 days ago

Huh - the Japanese are sick? You don't think Americans and Europeans are just as sick? Look at this site, -- a lot of the videos uploaded as well as people who view and comment on them are from US and Western countries. Besides, this video is just a repost and is likely just porn and not real rape (security cam has no date or time stamp, what kinda security cam has a microphone and the victim just seems to willing to go along). Reply Report

... +10 points315 days ago

well, everyone has a deep fetish, so this page is for it
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plumbus -22 points545 days ago

Lot of talk for a no-dick loser. You're slamming the west and europe which means you're from some shithole country that prefers rape and incest as a past time while harping on other countries because you can't do a damn thing other than live in oppresion because you're too stupid to do better. Get a life bitch. Reply Report

Sy +32 points850 days ago

If you believe this is real then you'll believe anything Reply Report

Ur_mama +22 points217 days ago

Not my proudest fap Reply Report

Jack15679 +17 points222 days ago

My niggas just tryna get his nut Reply Report

bill +16 points778 days ago

in cave man days this went on all the time Reply Report

sexbomb +11 points288 days ago

Japan, Here i come Reply Report
Pussy restore

Pussy restore   0 points238 days ago

Lol Reply Report
Just Saying

Just Saying +8 points623 days ago

Why isn't she screaming for help? Reply Report

Justicity +4 points562 days ago

In their culture, women remain quiet because if their purity is taken them they are shamed.
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What da fuk

What da fuk +8 points369 days ago

After all that who even wanna fuk...damn thats to much work Reply Report
Y\'all retarded

Y\'all retarded +5 points234 days ago

Did no one else notice 1:25 when he has a red coat on then a second later it's gone? Reply Report

SICKOMINDED +2 points850 days ago

Savage ass foo Reply Report
good video

good video +2 points766 days ago

good video, thanks. Reply Report

foreverinspace +2 points606 days ago

cool , not real but looks real Reply Report

Paulybuddz +2 points559 days ago

Who fuckn cares

Who fuckn cares   0 points226 days ago

I do too! I have been looking for a real video for YEARS! Fuckn idiots, idiots wasting my dam time! Reply Report
Deep web

Deep web -3 points133 days ago

Man go in deep web in there have one website his name is xplay and there have all including cp Reply Report
Love big cock

Love big cock +2 points448 days ago

Would love to taken an fucked like that!! Reply Report

Setj -1 points82 days ago

I wish i had been there, and i could kill that guy aftet the this i can fuck and kill girl too Reply Report

Alu -2 points354 days ago

Setting video. Reply Report
Star continuum

Star continuum -2 points60 days ago

Fucked up wtf man! Reply Report
Released felon

Released felon -3 points234 days ago

This got my dick hard reminds me of my good old days Reply Report

minnie97 -3 points196 days ago

I saw her nice, bushy snatch, but I never saw his dick, so who knows? Reply Report

disturbeddddd -13 points298 days ago

if this is real it is ilegal and should be directly removed. Reply Report
not real

not real -24 points850 days ago

this is their sick mind, they have a market for this in Japan. Reply Report