Real rape of schoolgirl filmed by security camera

It is dangereous to go to school in Japan. Very real grafic video

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accukrak +46 points1030 days ago

Huh - the Japanese are sick? You don't think Americans and Europeans are just as sick? Look at this site, -- a lot of the videos uploaded as well as people who view and comment on them are from US and Western countries. Besides, this video is just a repost and is likely just porn and not real rape (security cam has no date or time stamp, what kinda security cam has a microphone and the victim just seems to willing to go along). Reply Report

... +13 points495 days ago

well, everyone has a deep fetish, so this page is for it
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Sy +38 points1030 days ago

If you believe this is real then you'll believe anything Reply Report

Ur_mama +34 points397 days ago

Not my proudest fap Reply Report

Jack15679 +29 points402 days ago

My niggas just tryna get his nut Reply Report

SaloomB +3 points106 days ago

@Jack15679 that’s what im saying Reply Report

bill +22 points958 days ago

in cave man days this went on all the time Reply Report

sexbomb +17 points468 days ago

Japan, Here i come Reply Report
Pussy restore

Pussy restore -1 points418 days ago

Lol Reply Report
Y\'all retarded

Y\'all retarded +11 points414 days ago

Did no one else notice 1:25 when he has a red coat on then a second later it's gone? Reply Report

Nvag   0 points12 days ago

@Y\'all retarded same I see that Reply Report

Nvag   0 points12 days ago

@Y\'all retarded same I see that Reply Report

kekekek   0 points62 days ago

@Y\'all retarded its down the stairs Reply Report
What da fuk

What da fuk +9 points549 days ago

After all that who even wanna fuk...damn thats to much work Reply Report
Just Saying

Just Saying +8 points803 days ago

Why isn't she screaming for help? Reply Report

Justicity +3 points742 days ago

In their culture, women remain quiet because if their purity is taken them they are shamed.
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foreverinspace +4 points786 days ago

cool , not real but looks real Reply Report
Love big cock

Love big cock +4 points628 days ago

Would love to taken an fucked like that!! Reply Report
Here I CUM

Here I CUM   0 points77 days ago

@Love big cock what's your address ? Reply Report

SICKOMINDED +3 points1031 days ago

Savage ass foo Reply Report

Paulybuddz +3 points740 days ago

Who fuckn cares

Who fuckn cares +1 points406 days ago

I do too! I have been looking for a real video for YEARS! Fuckn idiots, idiots wasting my dam time! Reply Report
good video

good video +2 points946 days ago

good video, thanks. Reply Report

PlazaPlayer +1 points102 days ago

Fake as fk Reply Report

Pumasanji +1 points83 days ago

What anime is this? Reply Report

Futani   0 points58 days ago

#1 reason i think this is fake is simply that no person would think to rape someone im the hallway of a school. Reply Report
Anonymous rape kink

Anonymous rape kink   0 points117 days ago

I dont believe there is any available real rape porn it's all fake till you find a news story about it Reply Report

sanitune   0 points113 days ago

delete this video Reply Report

Higfyvsrhvg   0 points13 days ago

Reply Report

Gracier   0 points13 days ago

Snapchat is griddle282 I have a fantasy of getting raped so anyone wanna hmu? Reply Report

Ass587 -1 points121 days ago

Dont post this shit motherfucker Reply Report

Kisto -1 points180 days ago

J Reply Report
Black guy

Black guy -1 points163 days ago

Japan role play way better. Then ours. Reply Report

ingomat -1 points109 days ago

Well, she's not a fighter Reply Report

Alu -3 points534 days ago

Setting video. Reply Report
Released felon

Released felon -3 points414 days ago

This got my dick hard reminds me of my good old days Reply Report
Star continuum

Star continuum -3 points240 days ago

Fucked up wtf man! Reply Report

Setj -4 points262 days ago

I wish i had been there, and i could kill that guy aftet the this i can fuck and kill girl too Reply Report

disturbeddddd -17 points478 days ago

if this is real it is ilegal and should be directly removed. Reply Report
Rape loving girl

Rape loving girl +4 points94 days ago

@disturbeddddd then why are you on this section watching it. Go watch puppy videos or something gay like that. Fag! Reply Report
not real

not real -27 points1030 days ago

this is their sick mind, they have a market for this in Japan. Reply Report