Religious Virgin Gang Raped (Anal Bondage Rape)

Video of girl applying at a religious dating service only to get gang raped anal and bondage

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safasd +101 points1091 days ago

Fuck the guy with the foot fetish seriously
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Hahahha +62 points1093 days ago

I was dying when he said take it up the ass for jesus. Reply Report
Major Woody

Major Woody +43 points1085 days ago

A good Christian girl that shaves her beaver? Right. Reply Report
Hey it can happen i fucked my share of church girl

Hey it can happen i fucked my share of church girl -2 points250 days ago

@Major Woody Reply Report

nnooora +43 points994 days ago

Yes, we should be used by men. As fucktoys. Used whenever they need it or want it. Especially assfucked. i think we should teach our daughters how to take a big cock in the ass and how to do deepthroat . Reply Report
I luv pussyyyy

I luv pussyyyy -2 points311 days ago

@nnooora I love to use u as my toy mmm id love to shuv my horsecock in ur ass and tear it apart mmm u should totally let me fucking fuck ur ass and pussy so hard mmmm Reply Report

Mandybby1 +3 points371 days ago

@nnooora omg i totally agree with u only wish it was me in this video Reply Report

gothcumslut +17 points723 days ago

I had always wished my daddy would sneak into my room and teach me those things Reply Report

jriebe1952 +1 points552 days ago

I would love to but I know you already know and love anal and lots of cum Reply Report

TruthSerum -7 points709 days ago

WTF ever your a little slut, cock teasing slut. maybe even a dude,
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perverted ass

perverted ass +35 points949 days ago

Fuck man, I wanna get raped like that Reply Report

Dicaerg -19 points901 days ago

Here thrn
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Ilyriia +21 points975 days ago

I thought it was good. Have a fetish for this kinda thing haha . Haven't watched much of these type of videos but wowxD. These comments cracked me up xD Reply Report
Howard Stern

Howard Stern   0 points96 days ago

@Ilyriia Hell yeah, very hot scenario. She's having so many orgasms Reply Report

Yomommaooooooh +20 points857 days ago

If it was a real rape video, wouldn't it be in an evidence locker and not a porn site??? Use fucking common sense people, shit. shut up and enjoy the fantasy Reply Report

willowranes -15 points349 days ago

@Yomommaooooooh not as if the police see every porn video out there. I think it's real. Reply Report

br41th +16 points1307 days ago

Thats jodi taylor Reply Report

samanthadutchslut +16 points953 days ago

I think I should become religious then ;-) Reply Report

nice +15 points1296 days ago

not many pornos you can laugh at halfway through 10/10 Reply Report

newpervert +13 points1095 days ago

the most beutiful video i have seen... thank you God Reply Report

Notmetho +12 points1009 days ago

"Someone put a cock in there" fav part Reply Report

WishIWasHer +12 points857 days ago

you know what would be awesome tho.. if right at the end (while she was still a virgin) they all just dump their cum inside her. Reply Report

blab107 +8 points549 days ago

You bet !!! I was even hopeful they'd squirt it all deep up her cunt. I hate fuck videos where they cum on the sluts breasts. I'd rathere have seen her face as 4 hot loads pulsed deep inside her. Reply Report

Horny_e_4u   0 points109 days ago

@blab107 .. Amen to that .. Reply Report

mardlingremsfuckwhoee +11 points893 days ago

I'm a fuck slut with a gaping cunt. I deserve to be treated like a fat ugly whore and fucked for the pleasure of men. Reply Report

Analpaingiver -1 points769 days ago

damn I would love to meet you stupid slut
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Tyler brown 69

Tyler brown 69 +9 points988 days ago

Love it Reply Report

Sarahbunny +8 points1254 days ago

wow! Reply Report

Sadat +6 points209 days ago

How are people seriously going to think this is real? James Deen is an incredibly famous hardcore pornstar and has made literally hundreds of videos just like this. Smh at people who think this shit’s real, y’all are idiots. Reply Report

Nunyabbc +4 points1039 days ago

Cool Reply Report

HelloItsMe +4 points1006 days ago

"Please buy my porno!" I'm watching it right now for free... Reply Report

Blackpaladin572 +4 points924 days ago

Jesus I fucking love this. Thank you for making this. Reply Report

RapeMePlease23 +4 points710 days ago

Can I please get fucked like this? Ugghhh... So jealous of her getting all those cocks rammed inside her. Reply Report

Cocklord +4 points248 days ago

I’m a dude and straight and this happened to me and I actually quite enjoyed cock up my ass and I cheat on my wife with gay escorts to get the feeling of cock up my ass Reply Report
D Ace

D Ace +1 points215 days ago

@Cocklord Reply Report

+3 points1132 days ago

Lol at 18:49 I love how he points at her cunt before fucking it Reply Report

kriskub +3 points702 days ago

hottest vid on her...thank you Jesus, for giving me a 2nd hole,so I can save my virginity Reply Report

lkl +2 points345 days ago

i hope this video isnt real... i felt so bad Reply Report

KupKaykes +2 points243 days ago

Absolutely NO "Virgin" Can Handle Double Penetration Like That. She's No Fucking Virgin!! LMAO!! Reply Report

Reallyseriois +2 points35 days ago

Where does everyone find people since craigslist is no more? My cunt is dripping and I’m basically in heat. Reply Report

Hookerwithoutacause   0 points11 days ago

@Reallyseriois Same. It's bullshit. I was just going to resort to bookstores lol Reply Report

VILLIE +1 points1025 days ago


666/13 +1 points650 days ago

I would have kept her clothes. Enjoyed this. Reply Report

Berliner +1 points255 days ago

Fuck me in the ass, cause I love Jesus. Reply Report

Anonymous-r +1 points328 days ago

Right on! Immaculate Conception! This is what happened to Mary too! Reply Report
Jesus Christ

Jesus Christ +1 points250 days ago

This is wrong and sick
You didnt invite me !!
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come on

come on +1 points46 days ago

anyone knows her name? Reply Report

luger   0 points202 days ago

whats the name of the website at the top left i cant find it
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LizzFizz420   0 points435 days ago

Love this video. Love that one guy constantly bringing up Christianity, forcing her to question her faith. A true intellectual Reply Report

Mustafaa   0 points24 days ago

@LizzFizz420 we love to rape christian girls like you and convert. its so much fun Lizz. Whenever I rape some christian man dau I feel victorious Reply Report

Mustafaa   0 points24 days ago

@LizzFizz420 we love to rape christian girls like you and convert. its so much fun Lizz. Whenever I rape some christian man dau I feel victorious Reply Report

Racistpelican   0 points1127 days ago

Cummies4jesus Reply Report
God Son

God Son   0 points791 days ago

ONE LITTLE SECRET i want to say to you bro :) Look at her bruises around her pussy - it is bruises from anal sex, it moved there from ass, and was made by ass fucking. So :) It is just very prety actress. And... no one christian virgine never will do that, and with camera on especially. Reply Report

Malice   0 points8 days ago

Too much sausage Reply Report

freerapeslut   0 points1062 days ago

My favorite video. Stupid religious people lol. Reply Report

Analslut   0 points847 days ago

Best video ever Reply Report

gothcumslut   0 points723 days ago

I would looove to have some guys putting all 3 of my holes to good use like they did for her!! Reply Report

confessions   0 points706 days ago

This is my favorite fucking video. Always leaves me dripping Reply Report
Add on snap breebhvh02

Add on snap breebhvh02   0 points632 days ago

I want this done To me , a big dick up my ass and pussy and handcuffed to the wall so there's no stopping the pleasure and pain from his dick
Reply Report

NORAPE911   0 points51 days ago

My friend showed me this like wtf?! I like porn but this shit?! Gross Reply Report

hahahalol   0 points587 days ago

It's a fake video, guys. If you look in the corner, ther'es a BoundGangBang logo, which is part of a popular studio that does consensual videos of these sort. So it's meant to look real but she's a willing participant in this orgy. Reply Report

willowranes -4 points349 days ago

@hahahalol just because they are a site that does consensual videos of this sort does not mean this isn't real. It looks very real to me. Reply Report

Howdoigethomefromhere   0 points575 days ago

What more needs to be said about what a piece of shit James Dean is? Love to wipe the smirk off that guys grimy little face Reply Report

ilts   0 points123 days ago

@Howdoigethomefromhere It’s because his mom was a whore, fuck James Deen Reply Report

Secret_Unknown   0 points460 days ago

I wish my master would treat me like this. Reply Report

YourDom   0 points270 days ago

@Secret_Unknown Get to me now! Reply Report
domBwC come herebyou little slut

domBwC come herebyou little slut -1 points455 days ago

@Secret_Unknown Reply Report
House of malice

House of malice   0 points72 days ago

Too much sausage Reply Report

Css   0 points404 days ago


FuckReligion   0 points380 days ago

I wish this was real - the stuck up Christians should have their oppressive religion fucked out of them. That's more merciful than the brainwashing that they are exposed to frequently. Reply Report
Lul guy

Lul guy   0 points354 days ago

Reply Report

lovemeebonyy   0 points354 days ago

Hmm I’d love to me raped like that , wish somebody could make it happen ! Reply Report
Cute ass porn

Cute ass porn   0 points326 days ago

That made me cum 20 times but if she says to stop then stop! Reply Report

Sasafrazz   0 points312 days ago

I'm going to hell for masturbating to this xD Reply Report

ChristianNigga   0 points288 days ago

No but like fr imagine being this girl's friend or boyfriend a few years later and seeing this fucking video. Like holy shit lmao Reply Report

MFC   0 points287 days ago

Booty is more important than food. Reply Report

Hanabil   0 points266 days ago

Can some one send me an invite to join this page?

I can’t get enough!!!
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Lucifers brother

Lucifers brother   0 points250 days ago

Wasnt BDSM enough Reply Report

Poundmyass   0 points205 days ago

Love it. I love being dominated and have cock forced in my holes. Reply Report

CultFucktoy   0 points151 days ago

I wish I could be used like this. Used to my full potential. At the mercy of multiple men. Only I would be their little toy whenever, wherever and however they want to use me.
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ilts (i love this shit)

ilts (i love this shit)   0 points123 days ago

One of my fav videos of all time... probably cause it’s half real... that guy with the Christian comments, his name is James Deen, was accused by like 5 woman of assaulting them, he’s a prick, still tho, this video is hot Reply Report
porn critic

porn critic   0 points97 days ago

the plot wasn’t very interesting, not a lot a commentary and one has a foot fetish? i give it 2 dirty hoes out of 5 Reply Report

rosalyne_fae   0 points91 days ago

Being gang raped must be amazing. Imagine being used against your will as a fucktoy for all those men... oh my god! Reply Report
Howard Stern

Howard Stern   0 points82 days ago

This makes my cock incredibly hard. Why??? Reply Report

Lulubooboo   0 points58 days ago

I’m a Christian and want to be raped like this Reply Report
I\'m your daddy bitch.

I\'m your daddy bitch.   0 points54 days ago

I fucking love this video! I cum to it 15 times a day. Reply Report

Lovesaredhead   0 points51 days ago

Jodi Taylor Reply Report

Wetternow   0 points36 days ago

For anyone who thinks this is real and 'sick' you need to do your research. Just because a pornstar can make it seem real doesn't mean it is, for a lot of them, acting like its real is probably part of what gets them off *shrug* All I know if I orgasm multiple times to the idea of being used mercilessly. Reply Report

Reallyseriois   0 points35 days ago

Can someone do this to me? Reply Report

lol -1 points1309 days ago

for those that think this is a rape vid its not it is screen played because one of the guys is in a couple pornos i have seen
Reply Report
Yep yep

Yep yep +4 points1066 days ago

Also seen the beginning one time and they interviewer her and gave her a safe word Reply Report
O Cmon

O Cmon -39 points1194 days ago

Don't ruin it for us you feminist faggot cancer. Reply Report

PUSSAY +8 points1006 days ago

Ur sick Reply Report
they have connections

they have connections +2 points1199 days ago

they still could have easily gotten a camera man and other actors and all that and then the girl not know whats going to happen to her thats what i like to imagine with screen played pornos Reply Report

Konviction -4 points1234 days ago

DUDE!! spoilers much lol Reply Report

Nugget -19 points1228 days ago

Kys Reply Report

norkami +2 points1245 days ago

Guys in a couple of porn videos are unable to be rapists, this is a remarkable law of nature. Well thought! Reply Report

milos -12 points1005 days ago

It is actual rape she is a victim Reply Report

dumbass +1 points976 days ago

its not real milos shes a porn actress Reply Report
Mark Stuckey

Mark Stuckey -2 points1117 days ago

Religious virgin gang raped Reply Report

Suckmysickcuntraper1225 -2 points832 days ago

Look i love the video but i coulda hone without them downing jesus Reply Report

TheRandomNobody +2 points281 days ago

@Suckmysickcuntraper1225 dude really if you're watching this then you shouldn't be giving a damn about "jesus" Reply Report

realist -2 points730 days ago

lol, even I could not cum to that :)
BTWm the guy who askeded why all they jesus comments? try growing up catholic
Reply Report

Shawshank -2 points576 days ago

Is this real Reply Report

jolo -2 points497 days ago

she looks like the girl from walking dead Reply Report
I\'ll give to ya hard bitch!

I\'ll give to ya hard bitch! -3 points796 days ago

I seriously am glad this is fake, plus why all those comments on jesus? All of that aside i loved it. Reply Report

BORGIE -11 points507 days ago

I hate that this shit is fake. I really wish that it was real. Would love to see an actual gang rape. Reply Report
Artos Die God

Artos Die God -3 points1215 days ago

best video of all time i came my brains out praise jesus
i want to be a porn star i would have split this sluts legs omg praise jesus best ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Reply Report
John Redbull

John Redbull -3 points878 days ago

Wtf is this real shit or acting? Seems real deal to Reply Report
Foot boi

Foot boi -3 points802 days ago

Hooooooot Reply Report
Greased up death guy

Greased up death guy +1 points706 days ago

Hello owl Reply Report

... -3 points709 days ago

this is to more... Religiuos in porno is totaly not good
Reply Report

stoya -4 points1097 days ago

it's funny because in this video james dean is acting but he is a rapist in real life Reply Report
It\'s fake

It\'s fake -5 points1196 days ago

The guy who cut her clothing with the scissors is James dean and the blonde dude he's from another porno Reply Report
That\'s Bad

That\'s Bad -13 points1122 days ago

Bad Reply Report

2ndstrikefelon -13 points1091 days ago

No judgement but this shit is fucked I just wanted to watch porn. Not this cruel shit. Reply Report

zemzem -14 points1200 days ago

Great representative full of easy detection of errors - it's really naive lie - and girls is not only a professional prostitute hired - Thanks for the effort Reply Report

zemzem -14 points1200 days ago

Great representative full of easy detection of errors - it's really naive lie - and the girl is not a virgin, She is only a professional prostitute hired - Thanks for the effort Reply Report
xtain boi

xtain boi -14 points1095 days ago

Bie quriius kid

Bie quriius kid -14 points970 days ago

That shit ain't rape if she ends up liking it Reply Report

zemzemmmmm -15 points1200 days ago

Great play full of easy detection of errors - it's really naive lie - and the girl is not a virgin, She is only a professional prostitute hired - Thanks for the effort Reply Report

tbggtfhdrx -15 points1014 days ago

dosent even look hardcore they used skinny beta males at least use muscular men or black men it looks so unreal :( Reply Report
Women were made to submit.

Women were made to submit. -17 points928 days ago

This is what female are for. Young girls should be fucked at a young age to learn how to take even bigger cock. God made females so they can pleasure men and give us children that will one day fuck or be fucked. All women are trashy sluts who deserve nothing Reply Report

SexDollJulia -6 points842 days ago

I like how you think sir Reply Report

AlphaDick +18 points900 days ago

No your the trashy slut. Fuck u in the ass boy. Reply Report

ThisVideoWasHot -56 points1190 days ago

I wish all women would except their place and submit to being fucked by males. It would make their worthless lives so much better for us. Reply Report

Cuntgwape   0 points900 days ago

Fuck u. I'd fuck u in the ass and you'll submit to me. All men are good for is leaving sperm here and there. Go fuck itself boy. Reply Report
Grammar nazi

Grammar nazi +25 points1118 days ago

Accept not except Reply Report

GRRR +13 points1132 days ago

Ya'know I don't usually get this offended by comments but this one gets my blood boiling Reply Report

Passerby +2 points666 days ago

Right . only a bitch made fuckboy would say that shit Reply Report