Woman Strips Herself Naked In Public To Make A Point To Man

I don't exactly know what is going on here. Maybe she was trying to prove she isn't a ladyboy?

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angelo212 +4 points1183 days ago

I'd give anything to find out what the fuck he and she was saying. Reply Report

accukrak +1 points1181 days ago

Best caption probably the one posted on heading: "You won't believe me I'm not a ladyboy? Fuck you, Fine, see?" I like how the old lady passing by just casually picked up the girl's clothing: "Uh, miss, you dropped this...and this....oh and this too...:" Reply Report

Wtf   0 points1181 days ago

Read body language man...she was obviously confronting him for something wrong he had done. In a manner of saying "why must you go fuck another woman? Am I not sexy enough for you?" As she undresses to prove her point. Obviously she's angry that's why she didn't give a damn to the public. The boyfriend's body language is one of embarrassment and guilt. And the public (who could hear what was going on) knew this was a family/marital affair so they sort of kept out of it. Probably happened in China or Thailand or some backward Asian country. Reply Report

Holmes -1 points1183 days ago

I've heard it's the bf didn't want to buy the iPhone 6S for her. Reply Report
Jay Bones

Jay Bones -1 points1182 days ago

Yeah, probably dude said she was a ladyboy, she got pisssed and proved that she wasn't.

I'd fuck the shit out of that tight little yellow slope pussy!
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anakinzero -1 points1182 days ago

She need her boyfriend to buy her an iPhone 6S. LMAO.... Reply Report

shmobbin707 -1 points1182 days ago

looks like a guy commented on her, possibly complimented her, and her boyfriend said some stupid shit to the other guy so she stripped off her clothes because the boyfriend was jealous and didn't want other guys looking at her. She proved her point. should have fucked her right there. Reply Report

Dude -1 points1180 days ago

still can see the little wee wee, its a trap :o Reply Report

BigDick -4 points1182 days ago

She said: "You Asian Little Dicked Yellow Balled Skunk can't fuck." "I need white dick" Reply Report