Extreme Tit torture

Submissive slave has her big tits stitched and sewn together by safty pins needle and thread.

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Very nice

Very nice +5 points1222 days ago

All the piercings are very nice but they should have showed the one that pierced through her nipples! Reply Report

podkabluchnik +5 points1221 days ago

At 0:20 she's licking her lips at the prospect of the pain to come :)) What a pain-slut!! :)))) Reply Report

zazrix92 +4 points971 days ago

Lucky nipples, I want her to do me. Reply Report

ian +2 points1222 days ago

from the perspective of somone whos been in the body mod industry since 1999, this is fucking retarded. no fucking gloves? using nickel plated saftey pins? this guy needs taken out back and shot. Reply Report

pjohanns   0 points693 days ago

this has to be one of her first vids, her tits are gorgeous and the skin is so smooth. thru all her vids i have watched, Anita may scream and show she is in pain, but, i have never seen tears. her pain must give way to intense pleasure. Reply Report

pjohanns -2 points693 days ago

i wonder how long it takes Anita to recover from one torture until she does the next. i think i saw a newer vid than this and the skin on her tits seemed very thick and hard, like leather, she and the guy had to force the needles. Reply Report