Young Chinese Tied And Raped

Tied Chinese teen is punished for something and is raped by her father.

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Creampie101 +11 points1250 days ago

Omg I want to be her brother and watching and waiting my turn to fuck her right after dad is done with her! But I wouldn't wear a condom and I would cum as deep inside her as I could possibly get! Reply Report

sometimes_erect +4 points1325 days ago

I came instantly
oh god what am I
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nobodyhere +2 points972 days ago

the 'father' is speaking english --or else but i am sure it's not Chinese!
I am Chinese.
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Creampie101 +2 points1210 days ago

God I love this video! I want him to leave her tied up and laying there when he's done. I would just simply walk up to her, put my bare unprotected, super hard, already throbbing, already pulsing, already leaking, ready to explode dick inside her and put one arm behind her neck and the other arm under her ass and pull her to me as I push my dick into her as deep as I can with every muscle in my body and hold it there extremely deep and not even move so she could feel me swell and swell and start pulsating as I am pumping my cum right up inside her womb filling her up! Reply Report

Cunshot101 +2 points632 days ago

Yalll alll needa die Reply Report

bigroger +1 points860 days ago

Condom? Rape should be bareback with a good big cumshot! Reply Report
Enter name

Enter name   0 points18 days ago

@bigroger maybe he just doesn't want stds think about that ? Reply Report

Kdj1973 +1 points132 days ago

It’s not rape, it’s role play she’s wearing a wedding ring !! Very realistic though Reply Report

stain   0 points1334 days ago

Pretty real Reply Report
Young Asian lover

Young Asian lover   0 points1015 days ago

ABSOLUTLY fucking love this video. She so tiny and cute, gorgeous looking body that I would love to share her with friends. I would love for friend to pull his cock out of her wet cunt,I want to taste her juices on his hard cock. Kiss her with my wet lips,force my tongue into her mouth.
stick my hard thick uncut 7 inchs into her wet cum filled pussy, she in for nice surprise as I put head of cock up against that tight virgin poop Shute,as soon as I work head of cock into her I'll give one big thrust to get cock deep as I can into her ass. Hearing her scream and cry in pain would make me shoot load instantly. Mmmmm
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essas   0 points787 days ago

die everyone here

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PenitentProvo +5 points758 days ago

Yeah, we probably deserve to. Reply Report

WhiteHater   0 points408 days ago

so white trash motherfucker can raped any asian woman and gets away with it huh? Reply Report

Anon29r729   0 points274 days ago

How do we know this thing is even real? All we can do is make up theories and tbh I don't like it... I want solid truths. Is this real?? Reply Report

barnie   0 points174 days ago

Nice piece of Asian fuck meat. Reply Report

Poop -3 points133 days ago

563-529-3608. If u want to rape and bound me I'mma patite 16 yr old Asian girl and I'mma vergin Reply Report

Pans   0 points36 days ago

@Poop give me yr number or ig? Reply Report