Spit Roasting A Woman

Naked woman cooked by cannibals on a spit over a bonfire.

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samanthadutchslut +9 points541 days ago

I wouldn't mind trying this! Reply Report

Neil +1 points430 days ago

I would like to roast you and eat your whole sexy body. Reply Report

podkabluchnik +8 points1190 days ago

I would have liked to see her pussy-plugged and butt-plugged for her roasting Reply Report

sissysub10 +8 points1191 days ago

Hmm mee to I bet she tastes sweet hmm Reply Report

dolcettchef +8 points973 days ago

I like that Gizmo he has, perfect live cooking Reply Report

ilovelindsey +7 points1191 days ago

Mmm she looks delicious! Id love to eat her, all that delicious looking meat.. Reply Report

snuffme +7 points1190 days ago

Now that's a HOT video! Reply Report

spitroastlover +7 points966 days ago

Seems like fun, makes me want to be the next one getting spitroasting (incl. beeing butt-plugged). Reply Report

Sohot +6 points1191 days ago

I wish the video was longer Reply Report

Robert +5 points1190 days ago

That's gonna take a long times needs a bigger fire Reply Report

roastme +5 points739 days ago

love to have ago myself Reply Report

jarriff +1 points589 days ago

I'm so hungry. I wish she had large fat tits though. Reply Report

Lllo   0 points1126 days ago

What is the thing she is in called? Reply Report
Where is this from?

Where is this from?   0 points1190 days ago

Anybody know where this video is from? Reply Report

Tittymuncher   0 points1184 days ago

I dibs the boobs. Reply Report
Jay Bones

Jay Bones   0 points1159 days ago

I thought spit roasting was something else. 2 guys, one in the pussy or ass, one in the mouth with 1 girl taking both of them.

If they high five each other its an Eifel Tower.
Reply Report

dddu   0 points1133 days ago

Anybody know where this video is from? Reply Report

me2u   0 points981 days ago

Needs ketchup... Reply Report
Norman Summerton

Norman Summerton   0 points101 days ago

nothing quite like....split tail beaver on a spit. Reply Report

Hangerman   0 points212 days ago

Video not long enough. I would like to have a go at being roasted over a fire. I didn't know there was a special spit for roasting people. it beats having a pole pushed into their mouth and out of their asshole. She does look very tender and delicious Her ass looks good enough to eat. She needs to cook for a bit longer. Reply Report
Norman Summerton

Norman Summerton   0 points109 days ago

bbq'd pussy....yummm, yummm Reply Report
When your a little bitch

When your a little bitch -4 points1191 days ago

Get the fuck outta here "911" you goddamn pussy ass bitch. Reply Report

911 -20 points1191 days ago

this site needs to be reported to the proper authorities,
and they have been alerted
Reply Report

Mantis   0 points639 days ago

You douche bag go suck cock Reply Report

Really... +1 points1191 days ago

You do know this is animated right...? Reply Report

babybdsm12 +7 points1190 days ago

This isn't animated. It looks like an INSEX shoot. She is actually in that device but there is no fire under her, just some coal. Enough to produce smoke and enough heat to glow and make her sweat. Reply Report