Rape Scenes

Screaming rape scenes compilation from several movies.

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YAS +71 points1145 days ago

this is the best ending on a rape porn ever, bravo to whoever made this *slowclap* Reply Report

WTF!!! +28 points1170 days ago

The last one is fucking crazy! Reply Report
Michelle says holy shit

Michelle says holy shit +27 points1164 days ago

I loved this compilation but then my horniness suddenly turned to confusion and horror... Wtf is with that last scene?! Fuck, man! Reply Report
Nice Mate

Nice Mate +22 points1160 days ago

I think last one is to say, girls can rape too. Reply Report

88rio +12 points1054 days ago

AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH! I would actually watch rape porn all the time if the endings were like that. Makes me feel so much better about everything. Reply Report
I Found All Videos Here

I Found All Videos Here +10 points948 days ago

Rapebait, net Reply Report
big O

big O +10 points772 days ago

gee, I'm a really fucked up person Reply Report

UNoe +9 points584 days ago

Im a rape victim but i love rape porn. Specialy when they torture dicks at the end. Reply Report
Bill Clinton

Bill Clinton -2 points35 days ago

I am glad that your were raped. It has freed you up sexualy. Do you get an orgasm when you watch rape porn. Would you like to be at a party and watch a girl raped for real. How young were you when you were raped.
Reply Report

Nachocheese   0 points37 days ago

@UNoe me too; it really makes me feel bad sometimes. I’m so sorry about what happened to you though, I hope you’re doing better. <3 Reply Report

Nachocheese   0 points37 days ago

@UNoe me too; it really makes me feel bad sometimes. I’m so sorry about what happened to you though, I hope you’re doing better. <3 Reply Report

gonorrhie-chan +8 points1164 days ago

Last one is recomended! Reply Report

KitTyC +7 points1163 days ago

I'd love to be raped, scream my head off, helpless.wonder why he stopped screaming at the end.? ;) The only reason I got off was because i knew it's acting, but good acting. I double recommended the last one!! :) Probably got what he deserved, can't say I'd do anything less if I was raped. I'd get my revenge. Reply Report

Plumbus -3 points842 days ago

You are such a jackass. First you say you'd love to get raped and then you say you'd get revenge? Can't rape the willing genius. Then again yo're probably uglier than a dog and couldn't get laid by anything other than a sex toy. Reply Report

KimT +6 points1038 days ago

Does anyone have a compilation list of all of these? Reply Report

FuckYeahGirlPower +6 points230 days ago

That ending was fucking fantastic. Rape porn is appealing cause the idea of a guy fucking the shit out of me amazing but that's what will happen if I don't consent. Reply Report

Boopydoopy +4 points900 days ago

Well that took a sharp turn good thing I had already gotten off lol Reply Report
Set Free

Set Free +4 points230 days ago

Wow this one practically left me cryin. Till i saw the revenge part at the very end. Very effective all the way round. I always feel bad for having such strong attraction to rape. But the last scene in this clip sets me free! Reply Report

TheDarkTyrant +3 points951 days ago

This is brilliant! Reply Report

ingomat +3 points797 days ago

Great collection, top acting and effects Reply Report

FallenAngel1980 +1 points1164 days ago

Hmm didn't like the insane cock melting with a blowtorch! Reply Report

Bcnvhhh +1 points849 days ago

Bdbf Reply Report

Ashgdtnv +1 points37 days ago

Poor babies... even though this is acting it breaks my heart a little to see this. Reply Report
the fister

the fister   0 points36 days ago

that last secene was crazy..........also, why are you all watching rape Reply Report

Sassy   0 points1158 days ago

Anyone know what movie it playing from around 30 seconds in and lasts for about a minute? I think I'd like to see that one in it's entirety. Reply Report
I Know

I Know   0 points1158 days ago

I spit on your grave 2 Reply Report

Sassy   0 points1156 days ago

Thank you!! Reply Report

xxxboff   0 points729 days ago

what is the name of the first one pls Reply Report
deez nutz

deez nutz   0 points1089 days ago

i am not gonna lie some of the sucked and some were freaking awesome lol the last one was crazy asl wtf Reply Report

sirropenchain   0 points684 days ago

I have to ask the final scene featured what film is that from ? Reply Report

Linny   0 points498 days ago

the movie in the last scene is called Torched Reply Report
Respond 2U

Respond 2U   0 points134 days ago

@Vimo I don't remember, it's a german movie, check here...
Rapebait net
Reply Report

VictorSErX   0 points519 days ago

the one that starts at 0:32 is the best by far Reply Report

Bee44   0 points229 days ago

Well thank fuck I'm an early finisher and was only watching the rest for satisfaction and curiosity because that last scene would have really dried me up. Reply Report

Vimo   0 points156 days ago

Whats the movie name in the first one please thnk you
Reply Report

norealrape   0 points124 days ago

I thought the ending was the best part Reply Report

O-O   0 points44 days ago

Reply Report

FILTHY Babe   0 points75 days ago

I'm glad I got my nut RIGHT before the last video ... Jesus... Reply Report

Datguy   0 points38 days ago

The ending was fair holy shit... Reply Report

rapescene -1 points1153 days ago

What is the movie in the second one? Reply Report

uQu -1 points853 days ago

The film from 02:45 anyone? Reply Report

Keia -1 points341 days ago

Hahahahaha what the fuck was the last scene though? Applause for the rest of the clips but goddamn man Reply Report

Just-Another-Psychopath-Burning-Roses -1 points303 days ago

I swear to christ, every time I see one of these goddamn videos I just want to Flay every living thing in it, including the dumb cunts getting fucked. Reply Report

Me45 -1 points182 days ago

Would love to be raped its my famtasy someone come do it to me Reply Report
luis cypher

luis cypher -1 points107 days ago

stupid end, women are born for this Reply Report

JohnyTheHare -2 points526 days ago

okay... thats not arousing, thats disgusting. I know its just movie scenes, but it just makes me fell sick just by looking at it. Just the thought that this really happens all over the world, to innocent people and children ruined it for me. Sorry, i just cant take it.. Reply Report
wtf is this

wtf is this -3 points218 days ago

this is the worst video on earth ever delete it Reply Report

Fuckshitcunt1234 -6 points316 days ago

Video was good but the finale scene was fucking retarded, I like this kinda stuff but I'll say Prison for all the guys in real life, but Fucking Electric Chair FOR ANY FUCKING CUNT WHO DOES WHAT THAT FUCKING CUNT DID AT THE END. Reply Report