Double Dipping In Pussy And Ass

Girl lets her boyfriend dip his boner in her pussy and ass and then back in her pussy and so forth and so forth.

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Anonymous is a bitch

Anonymous is a bitch +5 points1271 days ago

This is called commitment and a dare. If you wanna be a pussy, then stay the fuck out of porn sites. Reply Report

SadistMan666   0 points1037 days ago

Yes, so true. Sex is not some kindergarden sandbox-games. You may bleed, you may get hurt. But you may experience divine pleasure. ;) Reply Report

LeslieCreeper +1 points792 days ago

More and more high school girls are letting their boyfriend do double-dipping from anal to pussy (a.k.a. "ass to pussy") because it feels amazing for the guy and it reduces the risk of pregnancy for the girl by 50%, so it's a win-win. Reply Report

SadistMan666   0 points1037 days ago

Great! I love to see double dipping, you dont see it often in these days. Because health conscious hysterics say it is bad for pussy - damages its bacteria, or mixes pussy bacteria with ass bacteria, some shit like that. WHY SHOULD I CARE? ;) I get my rocks of by double dipping, so double dipping it shall be. Woman has to offer her 3 holes for her Man to use has He pleases. I prefer this kind of double dipping.. and then after I cum, then I prefer woman to lick my cock clean. I really dont take no for an answer. Reply Report

ingomat   0 points890 days ago

Good and sexy as long as it lasted - would love the whole story Reply Report

Anonymous -4 points1271 days ago

So unhygienic Reply Report

frankw265 -13 points1271 days ago

Bad camera! No cock sucking! No cock play! No tit play! No tit sucking! No pussy eating! Lame pussy play! Nice pussy penetration! No rimming! Lame anal play! Timid anal penetration! Pussy to ass to pussy penetration! Lazy guy! No cumshot! Typical. Reply Report