Sex Tourist Guide To Thailand

Watch this sex tourist guide to Thailand. In this one I'll be showing you Phuket, Samui and Pattaya to give you an idea of where to visit while your in the land of sex, I mean smiles.

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Fanny Fan

Fanny Fan +16 points1094 days ago

Love these vids, mate! Reply Report

iruingirls +4 points1094 days ago

cheers bruv, glad ya enjoy em Reply Report

iruingirlsFAN   0 points522 days ago

Dude, this was fucking perfect, we would love if you make more informative videos like these about thailand or other places in this style that you've edited, with the captions and everything. Do it ! Reply Report

crysis633 +4 points1090 days ago

Holy fuck, i need to go to pattaya. Reply Report

iruingirls +1 points1090 days ago

if pattaya had better beaches i would put it down as possibly the best place on earth ( for men anyway ). lived there for many years, used to have giant turtles floating ashore on to the beach now its more like used condoms and needles, didnt step foot on the beach once in all those years, but on the sex side of things tho... best on the planet right now. Reply Report

HiThailand! +3 points1090 days ago

More! Reply Report

iruingirls   0 points1090 days ago

Got part 2 in my profile mate Reply Report

Indonesia +2 points1090 days ago

why they do not come to Indonesia ? Indonesia also has the land of sex like Kramat Tunggak, Sarkem, Saritem and Dolly. but Dolly had closed. maybe sex tourist can build Dolly again. Reply Report

bryan126 +2 points707 days ago

really enjoyed these compilations. Where can I find the porn vid for the 1st girl? Reply Report

kursk43 +1 points1090 days ago

Fantastic Reply Report

hand_solo +1 points1050 days ago

6:27 wtf Daryl from the WTD? Reply Report

itwasfunatthetime   0 points1090 days ago

hey fanny fan are auzzie ? Reply Report

itwasfunatthetime   0 points1090 days ago

where can i find part 1? Reply Report

iruingirls +1 points1090 days ago

in my profile mate, this one was titled part 2 but heavy-r changed it maybe cos its on homepage, but part1 is ther in my profile too Reply Report

d69   0 points987 days ago

Hey man. Is it dangerous to go here as an american? Great vid. Reply Report

HornyWanderer   0 points164 days ago

Where can i find the full video of the girl at 3:10 , i keep coming back to this video just for that tight lil slut Reply Report

AnonymousScotland   0 points781 days ago

"They want your cock"

Nah, they want your money.
Prostitutes don't degrade themselves for free or out of fair choice. Fact.
Reply Report

bluE -3 points1090 days ago

i wanna know about the drug scene there! are these girls using junk? speed? coke? is the coke clean? how much usd for an ounce of H? is it really like a police state or can one easily fuck with dope as long as one has some street smarts? is it a crime to look for drugs? do the pigs rade motel rooms of westerners? is it better to rent a house ? is it better to keep the drugs to ur self or can u share with the hookers? ive never paid for sex, but ive had a lot of hooker friends! they are some of the most awesome comrades ever if ur not a fucking fat pig perve looking to exploit em, you people show these girls the fucking respect a human deserves and you might learn you dont need hookers for hardcore! i can promise you, you dont even have to be steriotypical good looking to get laid, just get ur mind off your dick for a moment , you get what you GIVE! Reply Report

frankw265 -23 points1097 days ago

Weak. Reply Report

iruingirls +13 points1097 days ago

cheers frank, any reason why its weak tho? it not hardcore enough for you maybe? it is in the regular porn category so if your expecting hardcore throat fucking and girls getting covered in shit and all the stuff thats not weak... maybe have a look at some my other vids that are not in the regular porn category. Reply Report