Girl Humiliated and Abused

Chinese schoolgirl is harassed and humiliated by two man on her way home from a party. She gets stripped and they abuse her on the pavement

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I hate you

I hate you +25 points1424 days ago

That's disgusting! Police should better shoot you a bullet into you brain, you animals! Reply Report
it s ok

it s ok -5 points952 days ago

there is no problem come one, they are just kids, it's not that bad, imagine these girls that bully this girl were your kid cause they are not only boys there... woman up ;) :D Reply Report
Not ashamed

Not ashamed +19 points1385 days ago

I don't even feel ashamed about cumming to this; she has a cracking pair of tits. Reply Report

Lady +7 points1424 days ago

Load other video! Rape this slut Reply Report

sanv   0 points66 days ago

@Lady Reply Report
Not Cool...

Not Cool... +6 points1418 days ago

This is beyond fucked up, and looks highly illegal. It should be taken down Reply Report
Chink beater

Chink beater +6 points893 days ago

I just busted a huge load to this ... this is the exact reason these slant eyed girls were put on this earth... they were bred to be sex slaves... i mail ordered one myself and the bitch wanted in the country so bad shes been swallowing my piss for 2 months .. man when i send her back shes gonna be upset but u dont keep a slope ...use and return ...order a new one. .. Reply Report

sehnsucht +4 points1424 days ago

poor girl :/ I hope these bastards get what they deserve. Theres more than two though and some girls too, its just teenagers been fucked ups as usual Reply Report
Sick fucks!

Sick fucks! +1 points1424 days ago

This needs to be taken down immediately! This is absolutely disgusting, and anyone who can get off to this shit should be extradited from this universe. I can't believe this site has allowed this to be up here. Reply Report
fuct up

fuct up +1 points1424 days ago

I would love to see video of this exact thing happening to my fiancé... Reply Report
Fuck the cunt

Fuck the cunt +1 points811 days ago

I'll help. Then you can help with my wife. We can even be nice and let them help us doing it to each other. Reply Report
this is not really cool

this is not really cool +1 points1408 days ago

this is not really ok guys, this is a real sexual assault. take it down. Reply Report

disturbed +1 points1314 days ago

How do you report this? It clearly isn't fantasy, it's a disturbing reality!! Reply Report
chink destroyer

chink destroyer +1 points1160 days ago

theres a difference between fantasy and reality and this is obviously reality that being said i hope each man and women except the victim gets a bullet to the brain Reply Report
That\'s too much

That\'s too much +1 points598 days ago

Who the fuck is putting this shit on here Reply Report

Disgusted +1 points327 days ago

Wtf is your problem you fucking weirdos! Reply Report

sheldoncooper   0 points1393 days ago

Crazy Chinese Reply Report
mare rapist

mare rapist   0 points252 days ago

SO there is no rape or real abuse. fuck this low quality Reply Report

KindaIntoRapeButNotReally   0 points240 days ago

1st half: "this is fucking hot"
2nd half: actually sane people with half a fucking brain
Reply Report

horrible   0 points205 days ago

needs to be removed immediately...come on... Reply Report

yenah   0 points69 days ago

Her tits are great. Should’ve actually done something with her. No point just looking Reply Report

monkcrone   0 points23 days ago

This is a lynching by the mob.What I hate about these videos, there is never any source of origins, not told what`s really going on and how it ends for the victims.For all I know we could be watching a real life snuff movie and it`s paticually upsetting when seeing beautiful young girls being sexually molested and tortured. Sick shit. Reply Report

AnonymousContractKiller -1 points1345 days ago

Well..... About to go kill some chinks Reply Report

HelpingHand -2 points1424 days ago

Just skip to four minutes for the action Reply Report

pkpkpkpk -2 points1262 days ago

pkpkpkpk Reply Report
Jay Bones

Jay Bones -7 points1423 days ago

There was even a woman helping the guys pull her clothes off. One of the arms had bracelets on it and the hands looked small even for Chinese.

And who the fuck writes these descriptions? Even if it is a Chinese assault, the proper English is "by two MEN". Don't need any of this pidgin love you long time shit. This is America, and we take pride in our written word, even if it is a porn site. Lets keep it somewhat classy...
Reply Report

English   0 points62 days ago

@Jay Bones Reply Report