Father Abuses Young Teen In Sleep

Pervert father finds his girlfriend's best friend totally wasted at a sleepover and starts abusing her. He touches her big soft titties and starts playing with her small teen pussy and making it soaking wet.

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angelique21 +41 points1254 days ago

If it was me I would have been so angry that he didn't put his cock in me and fill me with spunk. Reply Report

Ryan +41 points1255 days ago

You can here her saying stop a couple times... :D Reply Report

Hungrylife +3 points728 days ago

Mmm, want more Reply Report
Is he gay?

Is he gay? +34 points1255 days ago

How do you have a prime pussy, and a tight asshole like that and not just fuck her like a ragdoll? Reply Report

Ryan +25 points1255 days ago

I would have been eating her ass and pussy like the world was about to end and then fucked her. Reply Report

lovemypussyeatin   0 points129 days ago

@Ryan thats all i kept thinking watching made me wet and then nothing Reply Report
Horny 16 yearold girl

Horny 16 yearold girl +20 points1096 days ago

Mm just made me so wet ryan Reply Report
17 year old male

17 year old male -1 points308 days ago

@Horny 16 yearold girl want sum fucc? Reply Report
What state are u in

What state are u in +2 points365 days ago

@Horny 16 yearold girl Reply Report
13 Male Florida

13 Male Florida +11 points1048 days ago

How you young are you willing to go Reply Report
Minors Should Not Be On This Website

Minors Should Not Be On This Website +18 points1043 days ago

You're pathetic. D: Reply Report

Creampie101 +25 points1099 days ago

Where is the rest of the video? I know there is more. There's no way a man would torture himself like that for that long. That guy has to be in pain by now and throbbing rock hard dripping precum everywhere with his nuts pulsing in his sack. There's no way he could play with that young pussy and get her all lubed up and just walk away. Everyone knows he fucked her after he quit recording. I want to see the rest! I would definitely have fucked her for sure. I would have came so deep inside her that my cock head would have been pushed into her cervix opening and I would be pumping my load straight up inside her young womb! Reply Report
Female 14

Female 14 +14 points1033 days ago

Fuck that's hot Reply Report

FaZeApex123 -4 points1031 days ago

K... Reply Report

Daddys13y/oSlut +11 points146 days ago

I’m getting wet just by watching this.... I wish someone would come wake me up like this and then pound my little pussy.... I’m a virgin, and I’ve always wanted someone to murder my soaking wet pussy while I fight to make them stop.... Even though I’d love it~ Reply Report

Charlie +10 points1232 days ago

What even hotter about this video is the fact that she is not of age... It's clear by the size of her. Reply Report

yesum +9 points827 days ago

her father has some baby hands Reply Report
Mr lovemaking n

Mr lovemaking n   0 points37 days ago

@yesum if read the description it say pervert father finds his girlfriends best friend passed out and molests her. He's not her actual father Reply Report

deaththekid +9 points580 days ago

I love it when I'm half asleep or drunk and my friend starts to play with me like I'm his sex toy even though he does it very carefully (at the beginning) because "he doesn't want me to wake up".^^ Reply Report

jannybh +6 points942 days ago

If breasts were not to see our fantasies could go through with us Reply Report
daughter fucker

daughter fucker +6 points874 days ago

dude they are laughing at 0:58 Reply Report

dadlust +4 points271 days ago

I love all the young sluts here getting off on this, wishing it was them Reply Report

Daddys13y/oSlut +8 points146 days ago

@dadlust That’s me..... I just wish I could be used like a sex toy and fucked over and over as hard as possible........ Reply Report
Horny 13 Y/o Slut

Horny 13 Y/o Slut +4 points42 days ago

God, I just want someone to fucking gangbang rape me....... I’m so wet and I want it so bad....! I’m only 13! Reply Report

rapeprincess +2 points1201 days ago

I wish I had this Reply Report

littleslut6917 +2 points325 days ago

mmm id love if i woke up to see so,eome playong with my body Reply Report

leobigdaddy   0 points272 days ago

@littleslut6917 then what's your number? Reply Report

hhm +1 points1218 days ago

reupload, vid is broken Reply Report

bigdaddydick12357985 +1 points273 days ago

Dam I would pound that pussy Reply Report

bigdaddydick12357985 +1 points273 days ago

Dam I would pound that pussy Reply Report

15yrs +1 points214 days ago

mhmmm i'm 15 and if someone made me their little fuck doll i would let them do whatever they wanted to me, i love guys abusing my little body ;) Reply Report

Andrew26   0 points115 days ago

@15yrs hey... I'd love to abuse your little body wanna chat? Reply Report
Dick Johnson

Dick Johnson   0 points154 days ago

@15yrs you should post some vids ;) Reply Report
Awww yis

Awww yis +1 points106 days ago

Sleeping tits are best tits Reply Report

bowie111   0 points503 days ago

yes please need more Reply Report

Beauty   0 points1256 days ago

Beautiful capture man Reply Report

araaraya   0 points1256 days ago

nice video Reply Report

skittypurr   0 points31 days ago

love it god I want more Reply Report

kees   0 points370 days ago

she is lovely Reply Report
Commenting as

Commenting as   0 points336 days ago

This is the best video I've seen since I watched the sleeping channel Reply Report

snakebit   0 points300 days ago

Way fukn hottttt!! Reply Report
Tony Toupe

Tony Toupe   0 points231 days ago

Heavenly vagina! Reply Report

scion   0 points198 days ago

I want some pictures
Reply Report

Truestory4u   0 points30 days ago

My step daughter started secretly showing me her pussy around 10. She would Sit across from me legs open and no undies on and I would look and start getting hard. She would sleep naked knowing I woke her up for school and wouldnt be covered and pussy showing. When she just turned 12 we were home alone and she went shower. I was on the sofa and started playing with my dick. When she walked out the bathroom and seen me she smiled so I got up and followed her In her room naked and hard. I asked if she wanted to touch it and she hesitated but did. I touched her pussy and she said it felt good. Layed her down and started eating her. Not a hair 1 on her pussy yet and was tight with 1 finger. It took about 30 minutes to get 2 fingers in her so I stood up rubbing my head up and down her pussy slowly working it in. I'm 7.5 and thick hard so when i finally got in her pussy I could only go 2"-3" deep and came in her because I'm fixed. She is now 24 and we still fuck a few times a month but I much rather her when she was 12 and would fuck a couple times a week when she stretched out some. Reply Report
Dash Riprock

Dash Riprock   0 points146 days ago

What's the idea of covering her in lube, and then not doing anything with it? Do you think that if you tortured her little clit until she came like junk mail, she would have woken up?? Reply Report

IllCumInYou   0 points46 days ago

I would have cum in her so hard!!, Reply Report

David1234458   0 points25 days ago

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Reply Report

Bawb -1 points109 days ago

You bad people, will suffer much, she is a little girl that wanted to be left alone yeahb
Reply Report

Simon -3 points1166 days ago

Hope it was all unwashed and stinking too Reply Report
Jay Bones

Jay Bones -5 points1221 days ago

I didn't hear her say stop. When he was playing with her titties I heard her giggle a little and lean back to give him more room.

He's got to be a homo, has his dick out, then gets out the lube and gets both holes nice and slick. But never fucks her. Queer!!
Reply Report

Irony +1 points1026 days ago

...Says Jay with his dick in his hand yo Ryan, with a girl in his bed... Priceless! Reply Report

Disgusted -16 points863 days ago

What tf is wrong with you people? This should be sent to the police you nasty bastards! Reply Report
Annonymous perv

Annonymous perv -31 points1221 days ago

I did this to 2 girls in college. Statute of limitations isn't over yet, so I'm not using my name.

But they woke up sore sticky and confused, and plenty hungover from drinking themselves beyond oblivion. I know the one girl had to have an abortion 2 months after I did her. Sorry 'bout that!!!
Reply Report
prima princess

prima princess   0 points975 days ago

I want to room with you Reply Report