Massage Ends In Strangling

Housewife is strangled by a man who lures her with a sensual neck massage.

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Rub-a-dub-dub +1 points736 days ago

That "dumb whore" received a just and well-deserved fate in the bowels of Hell. Yes, she never looked better dead and the world is now better without that worthless, trashy bitch whose only used her beautiful "ass"ets to be an unfaithful slut. She never expected that she
would meet her demise that night and be so deservedly killed, murder- ed, slain. Yes she was eliminated and exterminated in masterly fashion. Yet she had such a soft white delicate neck that our killer should have used his bare hands to choke the living daylights out of his unsuspecting victim. But the red swollen mark he left on her neck was a testament to his achievement in terminating her existence on this planet and silencing the bitch forever. Those lovely wide open eyes now gaze blankly into an eternally dark void and her mouth also
is a mute witness to her fate, her tongue frozen in perpetual silence. The horror and shock of her said fate are perfectly etched on her dead
face - who would not want to massage and fondle her beautiful yet traitorous face and aforementioned lovely neck as he did. Seeing the
girl nude would have been the icing on the cake but we can imagine
her as such, her glorious anatomy ever apparent. Yes, that bitch, slut and whore was certainly gorgeous in life but given the trash she was
never looked better as a still, silent corpse. Seeing her receive her death sentence in such pain and agony is truly a great experience never to be forgotten. Yes, dead is the best for her.
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Killer Masseuse

Killer Masseuse   0 points880 days ago

Haha. Killer took the words right out of my mouth!! Death is too good for you!! Yes it was. That cheating slut got her just desserts. Yes, she was a very beautiful girl and worthy of elimination. Her seductive, soft pearly white body was so inviting to caress and touch. But killer made his mark on her soft, white delicate neck. He
masterfully garroted her harder each second till she gasped her
last feeble breath. He should have stripped her nude of those garish clothes and posed her somewhere her husband could see his handiwork. And her beautiful dead eyes frozen in shock are a sight tho behold. And her tongue should be cut out and eaten as a reward.After her hubby is over his initial shock he will go on and find someone better - he certainly deserves it. Not that unfaithful bitch, slut, and whore. The killer indeed did her hubby a favor. She won't
be doing any more hanky-panky. No, not in the flames of hell where she;s going. Yes, death was too good for her. Kudos for a great and deserving kill. .
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Bellringer   0 points880 days ago

The killer sure said it all. That bitch got exactly what she deserved -
a death that made her suffer for her infidelity. We all know where she's
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Massagenist   0 points879 days ago

Lucky guy, that masseuse. He has the chance to touch that impossibly beautiful girl's soft, white, silky body and those lovely shoulders whenever he wants. But she pays the price, doesn't she? She unexpectedly learns her lesson, that having an affair with her
masseuse and being unfaithful has consequences - in this case, a
well-deserved death. Her lovely neck is garroted with a vice-like grip
until she finally drops dead and gets her reward. Her death stare is
absolutely fabulous with those now vacant eyes staring into dark limbo and he voluptuous body on display. Yes, lucky guy - anyone would love to trade places with you and get one's hands on this bitch
and do her in.
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Stroker 396

Stroker 396   0 points864 days ago

The killer did the world a public service by killing off that detestable whore beautiful though she was. She did nothing better than parade
herself around in showing off her visually striking but sinful attributes.
That "dumb bitch" did indeed deserve to die and did so in the most
agonizing way possible. Killer should have used his hands to choke the whore and elicit her last feeble gasp, but the post-mortem mass-
age on her lovely neck was a great touch as well as stroking her dead face whose eyes and mouth now stare into a dark void. How-
ever, we all know where she will be going to her just reward, right?
Right! Should have left her stark naked as a worthy trophy and a
warning for others who think of emulating her. .
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Hooker 794

Hooker 794   0 points863 days ago

She is such a beautiful and exquisite creature. Unfortunately for her she deserved every bit of what she got and is consigned to death and a new beginning in the flames of Hell. Loved seeing the neck and face massage our killer gave the slut after she met her fate. I'm
sure her suprasternal, notch was several notches above the rest.
She was certainly sexy alive but infinitely more so dead where her
pale,lifeless corpse is a wonder to behold. She is worthy to take home and keep as a worthy prize and curiosity item. Yes indeed.
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Softtouch   0 points744 days ago

Yes, she most certainly was a dumb bitch and for that alone she deserved to die and got what was coming to her. Would have given anything to see her nude though - that spectacular body would have
been an even bigger treat - I could think of countless things to do to her gloriously dead corpse. More power to her killer to keep slaying
trash like her and cleansing the word of these whores. Keep it up,
man - you deserve a medal!!!
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Couch Potato

Couch Potato   0 points628 days ago

Death was definitely too good for her. The whore deserved to die and we are glad she finally expired at the hands of her diligent killer. That soft, lovely neck was squeezed most effectively and we hope she suffered to the max as she choked to death and succumbed to her
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