Daddy Fucking His Teen Daughter

Shocking footage of a father fucking his teen daughter. She seems to like it, but her sad face at the end indicates otherwise..... Incest or cruel nasty forced fucking?

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hobbit1983 +56 points876 days ago

She looks more tired from all of the pounding then not enjoying it Reply Report
Daddy's girl

Daddy's girl +49 points876 days ago

I get that same "sad face", when I've already cum 5,6 times and dad is till going strong and I just can't take anymore. Reply Report

Daughter +23 points699 days ago

My step dads the same way, he make my pussy so sore some nights. Then he cums all over me. Reply Report

greiner +9 points675 days ago

You're such a good girl. I hope I have one just like you Reply Report

b/f +20 points876 days ago

My goodness! This girl is fucking awesome. I'd marry her and lick her daddy's cum from her pussy every time he fucked her. There's just something about a daddy's whore that I love. Reply Report
Daddy\'s kitten

Daddy\'s kitten +15 points596 days ago

I wish I had a daddy to fuck me like this
Reply Report
Need to be used....

Need to be used.... +14 points779 days ago

I need a daddy to use my young body like that. Reply Report
Let me fuck u

Let me fuck u   0 points256 days ago

I wanna use your young body baby
Reply Report

lovinit +12 points876 days ago

she wasnt sad she was cumming... u dumbass Reply Report

angelo212 +11 points876 days ago

The titles of these videos are made up once there uploaded to this website. Never pay attention to it. She was loving that cock!!! Reply Report

(._. +9 points876 days ago

I serisouly doubt it is rape since she didnt stop or but a fight vs her dad instead she looks and sounded like she enjoyed it maybe a little painful but she still lookenlike she enjoyed it Reply Report

lilsexy30 +8 points857 days ago

Omg daddy fuck me n cum n my pussy Reply Report
Gemz eire

Gemz eire +8 points626 days ago

She looks like shes havin an orgasm more then anything Reply Report

O.b.l +7 points377 days ago

That's me and my daughter ;g Reply Report
it don\'t matter my face look when i come.........

it don\'t matter my face look when i come......... +6 points627 days ago

this is a real one for sure......... Reply Report

Hot +5 points876 days ago

Yum Reply Report

double_tap_that +3 points876 days ago

Any more? Reply Report
Big titty bitch

Big titty bitch +2 points357 days ago

She didn't look sad at the end. She looked like a bitch who was getting her pussy fucked real good Reply Report

SatansPwincess +2 points209 days ago

I wish I had a perverted Daddy to fuck me like that, getting pounded even though I've cummed like 6 times mmmhhhh... heheheh Reply Report

Jammer +1 points366 days ago

I think that's just her O face Reply Report

hobbir1983 -1 points754 days ago

Im a retard Reply Report
incest hungry

incest hungry -2 points712 days ago

Please link to a free full video please Reply Report
Pixie Sticks

Pixie Sticks -2 points303 days ago

Those socks though. Reply Report

hotpoopgirl -4 points768 days ago

I don't understand why people are so mean. I see nothing wrong with loving your family.. I am afraid now. I may take down what I shared here on this site.. Reply Report

frankw265 -46 points876 days ago

Bad view! Bad sound! No cock sucking! No cock play! No tit sucking! No tit play! No pussy eating! No pussy play! No rimming! No anal play! Timid pussy penetration! No cum shot! Rubbish. Reply Report

-.-   0 points43 days ago

boy your profile photo looks like the fuckin stay puffed marshmallow man Reply Report