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She pops out small hard turds from her ass and stuffs them in and out of her pussy. Spreading her shit-filled hole wide open to shove her dildo in and making one shitty mess of herself.

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Dirty Boy

Dirty Boy +18 points1248 days ago

My ultra sexy sister in law left some hard poo floaters in our toilet. I pushed them in to my own rectum, and held them all day. I felt so horny knowing her shit was inside me, and had the best wank ever as I pushed them out later :) Reply Report

shitfilledvagina +3 points726 days ago

That's incredibly hot Reply Report

kreepypoet123 +4 points1247 days ago

I think I'm in love :/ Reply Report

Qcrade +4 points1242 days ago

Great video. Looks as if the feeling must be fantastic. Very hot! Tha,ks for sharing Reply Report

Bilbo +3 points1248 days ago

Shes rather have a stinky pussy than stinky fingers :D Reply Report

Kikisrainbowmangokittycat +1 points1023 days ago

I want someone to tie me and do this Reply Report

Cory +1 points911 days ago

I would so lick the fuck out of her pussy Reply Report

. +1 points458 days ago

. Reply Report

Wowww   0 points668 days ago

Yikes Reply Report

precumdaddy   0 points1241 days ago

If you ever want to have some scat play fun on sk*pe pm me. You are so hot you have me dripping precum all over Reply Report
Cream pie

Cream pie   0 points166 days ago

Reply Report

8653213453   0 points142 days ago

I would love to do some shit sex Reply Report

ExtremelyNasty   0 points86 days ago

Ok, so she wears subway gloves for not getting any shit on her hands.... but she's fine putting those turds directly in her cunt?!? Reply Report

Papastiff -19 points1248 days ago

Only mentally ill retards can enjoy this. Reply Report

jannybh +1 points522 days ago

who cares when it´s arousing? Reply Report

jannybh +1 points578 days ago

The abnormal behaviour to have sex without shit needs to be prohibited by strict laws and punishment. Hurray! Reply Report

turdinpussy +7 points1246 days ago

Only mentally ill retards play out the definition of insanity, banging their heads against the wall again and again, by watching things they claim to despise over and over, expecting different results... Reply Report