Passed Out Anal Sex

Guy fucks his passed out girlfriend hard in her ass and wakes her up again. He leaves her with the cum dripping from her sour butthole.

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EyeSpy +26 points1159 days ago

Is this guy pregnant with her child? Reply Report

Niko +25 points1159 days ago

I don't think you know what the phrase "passed out" means.... she never passes out, he never wakes her up. Reply Report

yodel +18 points1159 days ago

who writes these stupid titles? Reply Report

unclesamhain +11 points1159 days ago

sour? you mean sore.
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Billy Bob

Billy Bob +5 points625 days ago

She clearly loved it. Reply Report

plzpunishme +5 points458 days ago

Damn! This video gets me soaked! Every single time! Reply Report
a friend

a friend   0 points3 days ago

@plzpunishme you seem like the type of girl i would like if you want to meat i live in grimsby
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Lullah +5 points158 days ago

To those commenting on his size, how shallow are you? So many women, me included, prefer larger men. He obviously can get a gf and he's the one having sex, while you're sitting and watching him. Win for the big guy! Reply Report

Takemehard +3 points321 days ago

My first experience with sexual intercourse was being raped in the ass bare, and to this day I'm a submissive woman who loves being used and fucked rough and creampied. Reply Report

Jolo +2 points926 days ago

Guy squalls like he was being ass-fucked Reply Report
you are a disgusting pig!!

you are a disgusting pig!! +1 points734 days ago

You are a sick fat fuck who can't get a woman and are a rapist piece of shit!! Reply Report
mr long dick

mr long dick   0 points3 days ago

@you are a disgusting pig!! calm down it was staged
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Just saying

Just saying +6 points684 days ago

You watched it didn't you lol so I guess that makes you a sick fuck to dip shit Reply Report
Fuck you

Fuck you +1 points642 days ago

Girlfriend....that nasty fat fuck could never get a gf that was probably his sister...poor girl, I hope she charges his nasty fat ass. Then he will get it in his ads everyday as he deserves. He would never deserve the true love of a woman. Sick fuck could have at least made sure she didn't feel it with pain killers first. It's called respect. Reply Report
Billy bob

Billy bob -2 points625 days ago

It's clearly his submissive gf, she never once asked him to stop.
She shouldn't drink to be in that state in the first place.
Reply Report
Billy bob

Billy bob -1 points573 days ago

She says stop like 80x are you fucking deaf that's clearly not his gf or he wouldn't have to rape her!!! Reply Report

GoodFucker   0 points311 days ago

Actually there was nothing wrong and the girl seems she really wanted that way by paating the man's leg. She wasn't even trying to resist. Reply Report
mr long dick

mr long dick   0 points3 days ago

verry nice

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mr long dick

mr long dick   0 points3 days ago

got me hard made me cum but obviously was staged Reply Report

Fake   0 points18 days ago

Not even passed out Reply Report

sterlingsr -1 points1158 days ago

???????? Reply Report