Raped Home Alone

A pretty young wife is home alone and gets herself raped by a burglar who came for valuables but was horny and she was hot, so...

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I would love to catch a woman alone at home.......

I would love to catch a woman alone at home.......   0 points887 days ago

once she had taken cock! rape was out of the question she was enjoying his 10 inch erection.to finish she was naked as all women should be when raped. Reply Report
universal perv

universal perv -1 points553 days ago

No what you're saying sounds like fun but it's better to do what is being done in the video not only is it non consensual but he's physically manhandling her and forcing her to say yes when she doesn't want it-and that's better than being told no. Reply Report

willingvic26   0 points884 days ago

I'm usually home by myself alot Reply Report

Dav13   0 points350 days ago

@willingvic26 I'd love to cum rape you Reply Report

bigbaddave   0 points857 days ago

how much penis can you take ?.your panties need to come off,in fact i want you naked head to toes.then I fuck you fast and hard Reply Report
one dark night

one dark night -1 points595 days ago

tonight you will scream! first tie your wrists behind your back lets see your bare vagina and its size? you may struggle and squirm with the size my erect penis waiting to rape you now your completely naked ok open your thighs wide one 10 inch erect penis coming to rape you so stop struggling I will shag you deep and hard Reply Report

ibaconi -7 points1357 days ago

Not naked till near the end and no real naked tit action all the way through... Could've been a masterpiece, but as it is, just ok interesting... Reply Report