Cute teen in ponytails raped

cute teen with pony tails is raped.

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Susan +18 points1337 days ago

The first time I was raped, he forced it into my mouth. I sucked him so good, he let it go in my mouth. He was mad and slapped me because he wanted to rape me more but couldn't. I didn't get raped that day, but I sucked him. Reply Report

crscale1978   0 points177 days ago

@Susan I would love to have a faux rape planned with u knowing what we BOTH wanted to happen
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crazyguy   0 points453 days ago

@Susan Reply Report

PussyNikki +12 points1245 days ago

I wish someone would do this to me, grab me and make me beg you to stop Reply Report

Crscale1978 +1 points177 days ago

@PussyNikki I damn sure would Reply Report

Stivoo +1 points1199 days ago

I'd like to Reply Report

shawna127 +4 points582 days ago

All that struggling got me wet and what a good Doggy fucking she got. Reply Report

Dav13   0 points319 days ago

@shawna127 I'd love to rape you from behind but I'm taking my time eating your asshole then fucking it hard till you scream and cry then I'll fuck you harder Reply Report

Sheryl +3 points768 days ago

I'm a tiny slut. I had ice in my panties while I dry humped to this. Reply Report

Jaysonvarner   0 points720 days ago

Look if ur down I'll do u real good Reply Report

Sexluve +1 points293 days ago

Wait....she is smiling?
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cscales0725   0 points177 days ago

@Sexluve you can tell its fake lol wouldn't u be smiling. Of course if dude better knew what he was doing I mean. I'd love to get my hands on this little slut lol I bet her pussy is so fucking delicious and I'd mouth fuck her so hard shed sing the gluck gluck gluck song as I call it Reply Report

crscale1978 +1 points177 days ago

I'd have love for him to show her how he can prove shes just a little filthy whore that is dying for it by tying her up and eating the fucking shit outta that magnificent little pussy til she comes which wouldn't take a few minutes and 30 seconds into it she screams oh fuck do your worst mister show me how to be your perfect lil whore then he mouthfucks her stupid fucks her eats her ass and fucks it then has her eat his ass thats how I roll lmao I love for girls to fuck me with strap ons too Reply Report

sylar2014   0 points1340 days ago

good to see your back in business barbie Reply Report

funbarbie3 +2 points1338 days ago

hey, for now we are. if we have the time. hope you like what we post. Reply Report

kodi   0 points966 days ago

Good shot Reply Report

Wankerman   0 points633 days ago

Hi Susan l would love for you to suck n swallow me im fantasising about you fucking you Reply Report

Dakora   0 points47 days ago

I was raped before to me it hurt really bad Reply Report

Sexluve   0 points293 days ago

I been raped before
Reply Report

MacBoobs   0 points274 days ago

Holy shiet I wish someone would do that to me that's like my biggest fantasy Reply Report

cscales0725   0 points177 days ago

@MacBoobs Too bad you dont live within a 100 miles of Chattanooga TN Id do it after an STD test and confirmation u are on the pill Reply Report

Cowley76   0 points177 days ago

I've had many girls ask me to rape them they said if I broke in and did it b4 they knew me they'd have only resisted until they saw they were gonna get all they could take I was a sexy female couples little stud since age 13 they were in early 20s the 1st time. they taught me very well and recommended me to their friends so until I was 18 I had to keep my sex life private aside from the girls I went to school with Reply Report

crscale1978   0 points177 days ago

I'd love for him to have stopped suddenly a few minutes in and say ill prove how bad u want and need this and start savagely eating that delicious looking twat and 30 seconds in she says make me fun sir and then use me she comes soon after he mouthfucks her stupid fucks her proper eats her ass then fucks it too then has her eat his ass with 3 mouth loads throughout I love when a girl has never considered eating my he pussy then when u tell her to strap it on and fuck me I'm into anything I even used to do a train with a female couple where I loved being in the middle fucking Robyn while Toni fucked me Reply Report

Anonwhore   0 points62 days ago

I deserve to be raped like that I’m such a filthy whore i need to be used and abused in all of my tight holes Reply Report

3DA -2 points1328 days ago

So... Reply Report