Abused And Strangled To Death

Guy stalks an Asian woman and breaks into her house. He suffocates her till she is unconscious and takes her pantyhose off to play with her body. When she awakes he snaps and strangles her to death with her pantyhose.

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Kongpao33 +1 points904 days ago

No good bitches, just dead bitches. Great kill. he squeezed her lovely, delicate neck just right till she croaked. her body was a wonder to behold with that soft, supple skin and she was even sexier as a still, lifeless, silent corpse. Loved her beautiful dark eyes fixed
wide open in shock at her demise - she had it coming as all sluts do.
By the way, don't any of these Asian girls know martial arts? This whore didn't - again, marvelous kill. Should have taken her clothes off.
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funbarbie3 +1 points1361 days ago

being in pantie hose and being raped and strangled is hot. nice one. we loved the struggling and pleading. Reply Report

Chanman   0 points543 days ago

This miserable slut sure didn't go down easy. The poor killer had to choke the trash three times by her soft. white delicate neck. Thing is,
she doesn't appear to be dead. Mmmm....
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