fuck and go

a pretty woman is strangled

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deena +1 points1274 days ago

Love it! More please! Thanks for sharing! Reply Report

Titmouse   0 points754 days ago

Sensational kill. one of the best ever!!!! That girl may have been a slut but she was smoking hot. Those boobs were certainly worth fondling and taking a smooch on. Our killer so rightly made the bitch feel the most agonizing pain and suffering - choking her by her soft,
white delicate sensuous neck was so worth watching. Seeing and
hearing the whore take her final tortured gasp was a fitting climax
indeed. Her death stare was truly awesome, those beautiful jewel-like
eyes frozen wide open, upturned in agony at her well-deserved demise. Likewise her mouth gaping wide open in mute horror and shock at her demise. This killing was a masterpiece of its kind. Our
lovely young victim never looked better dead and looks so sexy as a
still silent corpse. Yes, you deserved to die, bitch!!!
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givens   0 points1282 days ago

this is really hot!! Reply Report

Greenymeany   0 points385 days ago

Yes, she was such a worthy victim so deserving of death. Young trash like her are the best to kill, with her sweet soft tender flesh so worth touching and fondling. One could suck and lickt hose lovely breasts - Mmmm!!! Seeing her stark naked would have made the experience complete. Still, exterminating the beautiful scum was a great service to us all. Her still, silent corpse is a work of perfor- mance art worthy of display in any museum. Reply Report

brstfeeder   0 points385 days ago

Dead girls like that slut are the best viewing pleasure ever!!!Res- traing that lovely young bitch in a hogtie was the perfect way to keep her down. Would have loved to suck and lick those ample boobs. Likewise licking her sexy protruding tongue would be a treat as well.
Would have loved to have her all to myself - don't suppose you could spare her beautiful body for a while, huh?
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