Abducted And Raped

A girl walking on the street late at night is abducted in a van. Than rough abused and raped by her attacker.

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slutgirl +19 points1204 days ago

I've been in her situation and it is far easier to just take it. Open your legs, ;et them do what they want, why do women think we have holes? Reply Report

eigger   0 points1124 days ago

Well I like to think I have holes so I can enjoy sex. But it is easier if you can turn the panic button off and put your mind somewhere else. Reply Report

obv +3 points1166 days ago

is that fake right cuz at 18second camera and women are so close each other it must be. no way to women pass the camera so close comeon Reply Report

sammy +2 points1166 days ago

yeap she is the best actress ever Reply Report

angelique21 +3 points1085 days ago

I have been raped on 3 occasions by multiple guys 7 BBC's then 9 BBC's and last time 5 white merchant seamen, it's best to just accept that they are going to fuck you so you may as well lie back and enjoy it. That is what I did and believe it or not I did enjoy it once I realised I wasn't gonna be killed. In fact I am wondering if I can get raped again sometime. Reply Report

slutgirl +1 points1204 days ago

This is a real rape, no one can fake crying that well for that long. Reply Report
Have knows her real name players

Have knows her real name players +1 points1136 days ago

Have knows her real name players Reply Report

Hal   0 points1136 days ago

girls player's name Reply Report

Bitch +1 points1114 days ago

Yes it's the best way to open your holes that's what there are they for Reply Report

cupido +1 points639 days ago

any series of this video and this acress Reply Report

RAPESETION   0 points859 days ago

Nonmember Reply Report

cupido   0 points639 days ago

what is her name Reply Report

subgirl   0 points365 days ago

ok its a good video. but

why not tie her up a bit ? or better: chain her ? she is being abducted, right ??

would me things easier :3
Reply Report

Wow -1 points1206 days ago

She is the best actress ever Reply Report

podkabluchnik -2 points1205 days ago

Not nearly enough of the kidnap in the car. Reply Report

tjlickass -4 points1206 days ago

decent but not great rape and got a bit boring. but the slut is one sexy piece with a perfect ass and should be sold into some meat market for daily use Reply Report