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Guy anal rapes drunk and drugged woman in her ass while she is passed out and fills her ass up with a big load of cum.

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Big daddy

Big daddy +50 points1300 days ago

She needs a smaller ass, or he needs a bigger dick. Drugged or not, she probably would not have known he was in her. Reply Report

:p +14 points1300 days ago

She was awake, he's just boring her.. Reply Report
Shake my head

Shake my head +8 points1300 days ago

Damnit man why did you use your fingers? Now she knows someone did something! Reply Report
B princess

B princess +4 points761 days ago

That was not anal. Reply Report

ShiitDiick   0 points300 days ago

@B princess someones clearly a virgin... Reply Report

Lol +3 points1299 days ago

This fucking trash boy has a small dick. Reply Report

Azra +2 points433 days ago

I'm not a bobot Reply Report
Anon. Anon.

Anon. Anon. +1 points446 days ago

That's adorable Reply Report

leupgaru   0 points1297 days ago

god damn it I am short guy but, I have a big dick than this dude, that is so sad ! Reply Report

tito456   0 points437 days ago

Very nice Reply Report

BOSS MAN -1 points1211 days ago

He made sure he got his nut. With his tiny dick Reply Report

sickboy -2 points1300 days ago

rape my ass Reply Report
I am the all knowing

I am the all knowing -2 points470 days ago

It her ass but it not tight and her pussy lips are just really huge and been fucked to much by bigger dicks Reply Report
not anal

not anal -4 points1300 days ago

big daddy to bad you didn't even notice this isn't her ass, its pussy Reply Report

6:53 -1 points1300 days ago

yep he is right, not anal....lol Reply Report
Dumb fuck

Dumb fuck +8 points1300 days ago

Dude get some glasses at least I mean bitch is clearly getting fucked in the ass and I say fucked not raped my x loved to take her sleeping pills and let me fuck her raw while she slept some women love it. Reply Report
Daddy\'s princess

Daddy\'s princess   0 points498 days ago

I would love to get raped...to feel someone's big dick rip threw my tight Virgin pussy Reply Report

Anonymous2370 -2 points412 days ago

@Daddy\'s princess come to canada then i can do it for u
Reply Report