Young Girl Abused By Doctor

Naive latina girl abused by her perv doctor.

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bib459 +25 points1262 days ago

she has one big titty and one small titty, ill nick name them biggie smalls Reply Report

Retards +16 points1264 days ago

This just in, gynecologist abuses girls too, because they see their pussy and... Touching them o.O :O Reply Report

renan -1 points1259 days ago

fuck you! Reply Report

Retard +2 points1263 days ago

No PLS! Say it ain't so :C Reply Report

Dapper +6 points1263 days ago

What abuse? This is a lovely looking girt with a gorgeous smile who shows her tits (slight difference in size) and the doctor uses a stethoscope - no touching of bare flesh at all. Reply Report

accukrak +3 points1262 days ago

Dumbasses, IT IS abuse when a doctor videos his patients w/o their consent. Don't get me wrong, it can still be a turn on but don't fool yourself that it's not abuse. Reply Report

hand_solo +2 points976 days ago

the only problem I have with this vid is girl smiles and giggles at the camera. She knew she was being recorded and the consent was there. This is not abuse. But generally speaking you right. Reply Report
it is abuse

it is abuse +1 points1259 days ago

Completely unnecessary to undress her, its obvious he did it just to get her tits on cam, she even noticed the camera, lovely tits tho Reply Report

jeffry +1 points1148 days ago

I would have came so hard on her tits if I was the doctor Reply Report

exi   0 points1263 days ago

She looks directly at the camera several times. I think she likes the attention. Reply Report

lolman   0 points1249 days ago

She appears to have spotted the camera.... Reply Report

vaidilas   0 points1146 days ago

lol where is the abuse? Reply Report

hand_solo   0 points976 days ago

Not abuse, and she smiles and giggles at the camera. NEXT Reply Report

Westside   0 points94 days ago

Where the abuse at that wat am lookn for Reply Report

ap1965 -1 points1263 days ago

So a doctor doing his job is abuse? Reply Report
I'm No Expert, But...

I'm No Expert, But... -2 points1263 days ago

this chicka ought to start titting left-handed every once in a while.
Reply Report

imbatman -2 points1262 days ago

Big Titty befriends Small Titty, now the two Titties are ONE. The Big Titty produces 2% milk (enough for a bowl of cereal) while the Small Titty produces 1% skim milk (enough for a cup of coffee) Reply Report
white dad

white dad -3 points1263 days ago

as a white girl she should have done her job and suck his BBC and let him use her little pussy any black doctors need to check my daughter Reply Report

ste -4 points1263 days ago

sick shud be removed Reply Report

No +9 points1263 days ago

Your illiterate ass should be removed Reply Report