Hey bitch, dont touch my car!

What fuck'n are you doing, bitch??!
You need a lesson!

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Slasher   0 points974 days ago

New fantasy now! Forget flogging. A friend andI will take this hot bitch to a keel hauling party. We drag her under our boat and let her body meet the razor sharp barnacles that will reduce her tits to mush! Her stomach badly cut up too and maybe her cunt might take some lacerations. When she's pulled back on deck I will cum on her bloody breasts!! Reply Report
Fun guy

Fun guy   0 points944 days ago

Hey a real thrill! Flog this hottie with a Cat-O-nine tails but have the thongs embedded with glass shards, metal barbs, fish hooks, glass beads, nails, and lead weights! Her ass will be cut to raw pulp and bloody slush. Lash her stomach and see her abdominal wall ripped oped to expose bowel. Her tits destroyed!! Reply Report

Slasher -1 points1021 days ago

Damn the brunette is so fucking hot! I'd love to stand face to face - both of us naked and flog each other. She lashes my back and I hers. I lash her tits and she lashes my chest. She lashes my dick and I lash her cunt. Back and forth until we're both bloody pulp - what a fucking wild fantasy!! Reply Report