Gril Drugged And Raped

Ukrainian Woman Drugged and Raped Repeatedly till she eventually passed out.

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Old! +23 points925 days ago

This is so old! Man this is frome the time terrorism didn't even excisted. Reply Report

Berlin +6 points925 days ago

Why do they speak german in the Ukraine? Reply Report
Sally Ho!

Sally Ho! +2 points924 days ago

Bitch all you want, but it still made me wet and got me off. You know how good that guy bones?? Good enough she passed out! Take notes boys... bc thats what momma likes! Reply Report

pornaddictguy420 +1 points925 days ago

the name of this video someone spelled "gril" it's actually spelled "girl" haha just saying :) Reply Report

Tutle +2 points925 days ago

Nope, it's actually grill spelled wrong Reply Report   0 points924 days ago

nice Reply Report

fr   0 points924 days ago

what ? its just a fuck

stupid porn! i fucking hate classic porn... thats so fucking boring.

dick in pussy dick in ass fuck off
Reply Report

sepia   0 points83 days ago

A Classic, Reply Report

Anon -2 points925 days ago

Terrorism has always existed. Read a book and learn to spell. Reply Report

Melissa +6 points923 days ago

I suppose sarcasm isn't your forté. So this being an idiot, is it inherited or is it something you're insisting on being? Reply Report

sometimes_erect -5 points925 days ago

the internet will complain about anything
even dodgy rape videos

especially dodgy rape videos
Reply Report

sometimes_erect -13 points920 days ago

hey which one of you cunts minused me?
come say that to my face not online, fucker, see what happens
Reply Report

Gay -5 points568 days ago

All females deserve to be raped Reply Report

angelo212 -7 points925 days ago

Wrong!! This is a REAL INCEST video and she is the dudes sister and her father is watching. She passed out from a heavy orgasm. This video is everywhere and always says what I wrote above even at many incest sights. Reply Report