Raped and Strangled

A woman home alone is raped and strangled

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funbarbie3 +14 points1248 days ago

we posted part of this a long while ago. it was only the last part. we found the whole movie and Stacy posted it. i loved it because we role play like this. but when he strangles me towards the end, he is raping me while i am being strangled. my pantie hose are torn so he can get to me. we hope you enjoy this.
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marquesdesade +1 points1121 days ago

Like "many videos" on this site it froze in the first few minutes of play. Exactly 2:03 minutes the video freezes but the audio continues. I even tried refreshing and buffering the video for several minutes before starting and that had no effect, it still stopped at 2:03. I wish the powers that be could fix this issue soon!!! Reply Report
Death Wish

Death Wish   0 points637 days ago

That girl was a dumb bitch not running away when she had the chance, so she deserved to receive all the torture her killer gave her and ultima- tely her death. That said I find it hard to believe that she died from being choked for so little time and such minor effort. Still,
she had a goddess like body with such soft translucent skin and her
considerable physical assets. But she still paraded her wares, the slut and whore that she was. Her death stare was spectacular, with her
lovely big eyes frozen wide open in utter horror at her demise and likewise her mouth gaping open in mute shock at her well-deserved
extermination. She never looked better as a still, silent corpse.
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Killerbod   0 points635 days ago

Rarely if ever have a seen such a beautiful young victim so deserving of death. She was killed in perfect fashion making the miserable bitch and slut suffer in the most excruciatingly painful manner possible. He used her indescribably soft, lovely neck to the max, choking the life
out of the whore with every passing second, her gasps ever more desperate till her final breath. Then her struggle is over and she is
finally dead, her beautiful soft shiny body arranged masterfully as a work of art, her anatomy gloriously exposed (inc. those wonderful tits)
and her soft shimmering hair falling in a cascade behind her head. Her beautiful dark eyes and pert mouth are wide open in mute shock at the bitch's demise - such are the sights that dreams are made of.
You, killer have incredible taste in victims - keep up the great work and
continue to slay whoever you feel deserving of death and the flames of hell.
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