Brutal Rape Of Chubby Teen

Two men rape a large breasted chubby teen in her living room. One guy keeps her immobilized while the other fucks her hard in her pussy and face rapes her violent.

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TMC +106 points1275 days ago

Whoever tagged this girl as chubby needs their eyesight checked. Reply Report

funbarbie3 -4 points1274 days ago

we never posted it that way. "CHUBBY" Reply Report
Gator 58

Gator 58 +8 points1083 days ago

Can't even keep his dick hard what a joke Reply Report

giber +6 points1176 days ago

This little whore is not fat. Would have liked if she had been beaten as well as raped. Reply Report

angelique21 +5 points1269 days ago

Fuck the negative comments Funbarbie3 this is another of your excellent uploads.....I loved it...It is exactly how I like to be used, but the problem is the guys who do this to me just don't scare me anymore, it's too arranged.....I need more 'Danger' in my sex life....Any suggestions folks ??? Reply Report

Bwood +1 points723 days ago

I have a few but you would need to be in the uk Reply Report

funbarbie3 +12 points1264 days ago

thanks, we do this type of role playing, rape, snuffing, and we also do nice kind and loving sex. this is just something we "role play". we are happy to hear from people like you that like what we post. better then eating crap, or getting peed on. or we think so.
Barbie and Stacy
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BarbieFanatic +6 points682 days ago

Funbarbie3, You don't know me but Id like to keep it that way. I'm a seventh grade girl with fantasies that need to become reality and your vids are the only ones who've done it. I definitely agree with the no eating pee or crap thing. That's just nasty! This is exactly how I wanna be raped! Keep the great vids comin and ignore the douches who point out its fake. Duh! This is heavy r! Love it!
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Shilky +1 points635 days ago

I have fantasies of doing stuff like this to girls. I am also 17 and if you want to get in touch down the road I wouldn't mind playing out my fantasies once you get a bit older
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Weapons... +1 points1266 days ago

Get a mini-gun, a tank, a machete, a pistol, a RPG, AK-47, and a 22. Rifle. Reply Report

funbarbie3 +3 points1274 days ago

this is come rape me outfit, i would have had pantie hose under it. Reply Report
fake fake fake.

fake fake fake. +3 points1040 days ago

i would never throat fuck a girl while I rape her, she will get punished if she does but she can bite that dick off if she really wanted to.... Reply Report

littletease95 +2 points612 days ago

Great video but they need to be a litte rougher to their next victim a little choking and slapping wouldn't hurt ;) Reply Report

nesren +2 points1258 days ago

iyi sikmişler, fena basmışlar karıya Reply Report

iwant2rapeu +2 points567 days ago

I would love to rape the hell out of her ! I would be fucking her for hours ! Reply Report

Illuminaughty +1 points1242 days ago

A sexy video that finally made me cum. Reply Report

dadlust +1 points195 days ago

So fucking hot to watch a girl built like my daughter getting raped... easier to imagine it's her Reply Report

Ady   0 points903 days ago

It very danger for lady

Reply Report

avinash   0 points833 days ago

As Reply Report

cumdaughter   0 points292 days ago

love being forced face fucked Reply Report
Registered sex offender

Registered sex offender   0 points244 days ago

It's fun raping teens they cry stop but none that I fucked was ever a virgin Reply Report

[__]   0 points144 days ago

Well, that was boring Reply Report

lol -1 points1274 days ago

Marilyn Monroe wore a size 6 too right? She's fat Reply Report

ingomat -1 points762 days ago

I think the performance would look better if they managed harder erections. This became like silly brutality... Reply Report

ChyleenDreyer -2 points679 days ago

How is this rape?!?! It's just good sex!!!! How can it be called rape when he's a perfect gentleman? He enjoyed her holes, what more could a woman want? He even came for her for God's sake!!! Reply Report

Worshiper -4 points638 days ago

He is treating her like all women should be treated, she should be saying thank you and awaiting the next man Reply Report

Daddyrapeme   0 points39 days ago

@Worshiper your not wrong i would love to do exactly what your saying Reply Report

Daddyrapeme   0 points39 days ago

@Worshiper your not wrong i would love to do exactly what your saying Reply Report

fukyou446 -3 points1266 days ago

marilyn monroe was a size 12 Reply Report