Brutal Rape Of Chubby Teen

Two men rape a large breasted chubby teen in her living room. One guy keeps her immobilized while the other fucks her hard in her pussy and face rapes her violent.

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TMC +114 points2069 days ago

Whoever tagged this girl as chubby needs their eyesight checked. Reply Report

RapeGod -3 points101 days ago

@TMC unless a woman is perfectly thin they are fat fucks Reply Report

funbarbie3 -24 points2068 days ago

we never posted it that way. "CHUBBY" Reply Report

littletease95 +5 points1405 days ago

Great video but they need to be a litte rougher to their next victim a little choking and slapping wouldn't hurt ;) Reply Report

iwant2rapeu +5 points1360 days ago

I would love to rape the hell out of her ! I would be fucking her for hours ! Reply Report

Teenagebbg +1 points201 days ago

@iwant2rapeu mmmm Reply Report
Hardcore Raper

Hardcore Raper +5 points584 days ago

I would love to fuck this chick, I would tie her up, rip her clothes off, eat her pussy, then fuck the hell out of all 3 holes til I fill them all. Slap her face and ass til there black and blue. Reply Report

Cuntslave +3 points194 days ago

@Hardcore Raper you can rape me Reply Report
Duck lover

Duck lover +1 points273 days ago

@Hardcore Raper I wish you would do that to me Reply Report
Duck lover

Duck lover +1 points273 days ago

@Hardcore Raper I wish you would do that to me Reply Report

ChyleenDreyer +4 points1472 days ago

How is this rape?!?! It's just good sex!!!! How can it be called rape when he's a perfect gentleman? He enjoyed her holes, what more could a woman want? He even came for her for God's sake!!! Reply Report

Worshiper +3 points1432 days ago

He is treating her like all women should be treated, she should be saying thank you and awaiting the next man Reply Report
Fat girl

Fat girl +2 points331 days ago

I’d love for a group of men to break into my home, cut my clothes off and violently rape my pussy. Reply Report

Teenagebbg +1 points201 days ago

@Fat girl me too mmmm Reply Report
SÖS du är du svensk

SÖS du är du svensk +2 points85 days ago

She is ugly and the guys are real heroes Reply Report

funbarbie3 +1 points2068 days ago

this is come rape me outfit, i would have had pantie hose under it. Reply Report

[__] +1 points937 days ago

Well, that was boring Reply Report
Lillie Rose

Lillie Rose +1 points677 days ago

I want to be raped so name is Lillie Rose look me up on Facebook Reply Report
SÖS du är du svensk

SÖS du är du svensk +1 points85 days ago

They are like kungs but the girl is ugly Reply Report

MaeBaby +1 points48 days ago

16 but so wanna be dominated like this Reply Report

nesren   0 points2051 days ago

iyi sikmişler, fena basmışlar karıya Reply Report

ingomat   0 points1556 days ago

I think the performance would look better if they managed harder erections. This became like silly brutality... Reply Report

Yourbabygirl   0 points174 days ago

@ingomat try it on me Reply Report

cumdaughter   0 points1086 days ago

love being forced face fucked Reply Report

SeemsLegit   0 points634 days ago

Lillie Rose, you’re not the only on facebook. Reply Report

Ragabadas   0 points718 days ago

Ok Reply Report

Herman2015   0 points525 days ago

Yeah baby Reply Report

Camilla   0 points531 days ago

How old do you have to be to get gang banged i would love to Reply Report
The Man

The Man   0 points526 days ago

I so want to marry that girl. She is absolutely amazingly hot!!! Reply Report

podium5   0 points521 days ago

Participating in a gangbang with a slut and watching some slut being fucked in all holes by several guys is on my bucket list.Wonder how much it costs to hire sluts like these and where to find them? Reply Report

FilaMaHoles   0 points36 days ago

@podium5 find me on PornHub at Filmore wld love to let u watch me take cock Reply Report

ronaldmcdonald666   0 points317 days ago

how tf is she chubby tho? check your eyesight.. Reply Report

TBH   0 points243 days ago

I would make this little bitch gag on my hard big cock and definitely be a lot rougher and slap here and choke her Reply Report

Viper   0 points233 days ago

i mean .im. here because i wanna dream about it being done to me but this is kinda sad. no hitting, no slapping. and she's not chubby. not fair lol. i wanna be thrown around and hurt. im thick chubby with curves for days Reply Report

zazrix9   0 points197 days ago

I adore seXi plumpers. She's acting only. BUTT I wish I could b e in her place and she could help out bi gnawing on my balls, chewing my nipples, and snowballing cum with me! Reply Report

KathyM   0 points42 days ago

There's nothing like getting a good rough fucking to make you cum tons, and two or three cocks make it better. Reply Report

Sylt   0 points2 days ago

J'ai particulierement aim le faut qu'ils lui retenaient fermement les bras dans le dos .....c'est un geste qui m'allume. Par contre , vers la mi-vido , ils auraient du l'attacher , la gifler et lui faire un peu de '' breath control '' . Reply Report

lol -1 points2067 days ago

Marilyn Monroe wore a size 6 too right? She's fat Reply Report

Illuminaughty -1 points2035 days ago

A sexy video that finally made me cum. Reply Report

Ady -1 points1697 days ago

It very danger for lady

Reply Report

avinash -1 points1626 days ago

As Reply Report

xoo -1 points659 days ago

Some pleasing action, but a girl must always be completely naked when in use. Reply Report

Cuminher -1 points635 days ago

Great video, but a double creampie would have made this AWESOME!!! Reply Report
Need a daddy

Need a daddy -1 points537 days ago

I need a daddy to rape me...hmu @ k*k babygirl05.21.19 Reply Report

fukyou446 -5 points2059 days ago

marilyn monroe was a size 12 Reply Report