Sauna Snuff Rape Movie

Pervert sees a hot brunette in the sauna, locks her in and she passes out from the heat. Then rapes her unconscious body and strangles her

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beedee241 +10 points1310 days ago

Excellent...l loved it. Hope he left his load inside her pussy. Reply Report

giber   0 points1310 days ago

great video. A cute little whore great tits. He used the whore the way she should be used. It is just a throw away cunt. Reply Report

Perv   0 points1264 days ago

Could have been so much better, I always love to see the face and titties move arround while being fucked, watching pussy and dick does not turn me on Reply Report

Whazzit   0 points784 days ago

"Passed out from heat" and yet not dripping sweat? Reply Report

gabiltroy   0 points277 days ago

What a cool way to go for a great looking chick. Obviously nobody wants to be snuffed but at least she got to go out naked with a strange guys cock sliding in and out of her pussy, much better way to go than most other ways to get it. If this had been real, Dieing while having sex had to have been a little bit fun for her. As for the comments about it being fake, if you could read, it told you in the beginning it was fake. Learn to read! Reply Report

Hah -1 points760 days ago

Lol fake Reply Report

A_Jester_of_Sorts   0 points521 days ago

No shit it's fake Reply Report