Bull Destroys Matador

Amazingly the bastard survived this vicious attack from bull. Lets hope he learned a lesson and leave those poor animals alone from now.

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Mason +48 points1467 days ago

Every bullfight should end with bullhorn in a matadors head. Reply Report
The REAL American Idiot

The REAL American Idiot   0 points1467 days ago

Sometimes, the bull DOES gore & impale the matadore, but it still dies in the end unfortunately!! Reply Report

r +1 points1467 days ago

"eye for a eye"... Reply Report

max +6 points1467 days ago

go go bull !!! Reply Report

Non-Member +4 points1467 days ago

that beast should have stomped that fuck to death Reply Report
The REAL American Idiot

The REAL American Idiot +4 points1467 days ago

I know it's tradition & has been going on for centuries, but seriously, what do people get out of watching innocent creatures worked to a standstill, then have swords thrust into their back until finally, the bull dies a slow & agonising death??? Reply Report
A Spanish Fool

A Spanish Fool +3 points1466 days ago

I can assure you that the vast majority of Spaniards are against these acts, only bullfighting lobbies that have too much influence on the goverment support this shit. Likewise, I can assure you that the vast majority of viewers who will see these acts are foreigners.

If any foreign come here to see this, this shit would have disappeared long ago cause it would not be profitable. Deal with it.
Reply Report
Dalla parte del Toro

Dalla parte del Toro +1 points1464 days ago

Oooooolé! Reply Report

ggg   0 points1467 days ago

The Spanish...smelly and loud bunch of effeminate cowards...this will be reported that the Bull over reacted to having spears hurled in his back! Reply Report

fsfs   0 points1464 days ago

Even cows are evolving, apes spaniards are not any more... I hope there will fall some asteroid to Earth and delete all apes from this planet. Cows, equines should have their chance for evolution too... while as I've said they are at least evolving and killing apes, while apes try to kill cows but fail miserably... This is not a sport btw, this is rather a shame in a civilized world. Spain is probably one of those arab, african (brown skinned)countries which support animal torture, circuses with animals... Reply Report

alberto1968   0 points882 days ago

Malditos torturadores de animales. Reply Report
2650 Crusher.

2650 Crusher.   0 points330 days ago

I love the slow motion of that horn going into this dick heads throat. I'm starting to chub up. Reply Report

Turv   0 points54 days ago

Good. Good bull Reply Report