Bully Gets Ass Kicked

He should've listened to his warnings.

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Non-Member +31 points1202 days ago

Little fucking cunt got what he asked for´╗┐
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Frank +5 points1175 days ago

I feel sorry for the kid in the white shirt.Because high schools reward the bully,the'll expel the bully's victim.Where proper punishment for the bully,should be he hast to explain his actions to the whole school Reply Report

Lol +4 points1201 days ago

White shirt guy seemed so calm and nice until he started beating the other guy Reply Report
Jay Bones

Jay Bones +4 points1200 days ago

Guy in the white shirt was walking away, other jungle bunny kept following him like he was a bad ass. White shirt kept telling him he didn't want any, then just flat out dropped his dumb fucking jigaboo ass.

Niggers, too bad nobody got killed.
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mike +3 points1200 days ago

whats with the chimp sounds????..lol Reply Report

kill +1 points1201 days ago

oooohohohohhhh aaaahahaaahaaa aaaaahahhaaaa!!!! Monkey business Reply Report

AJ +1 points1201 days ago

LOL the teacher asked if he wanted more ! Reply Report
Dindu Nuffin

Dindu Nuffin +1 points1200 days ago

It's always the quiet ones you gotta watch out for. Props to the kid in the white shirt. Reply Report
Hell yeah

Hell yeah   0 points1109 days ago

Thats some wwevtype shit like triple h vs stone cold back in 1999.. props to the dude in the white shirt...
I would of found a steel pipe and start bashing the moron in the blue jackets head in..
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RIP guy in the white shirt

RIP guy in the white shirt   0 points417 days ago

Yeaaaaah..... Tbe guy in white shirt killed himself.....I mean really. Reply Report
Jay Bones

Jay Bones -2 points1200 days ago

"Dat nigga corny"

"Didn't I tell you not to fuck with me?! Didn't I tell you! Didn't I tell you?! Huh?! Didn't I tell you, motherfucker?!"

"Stay the fuck away from me. I'm telling you man, stay away. What you want some more bro? You want some more?"
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