Public Masturbators Ejaculating Over Innocent Girls

It's amazing how these men fine-tune their technique so well and never get caught!

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AUSSIE GUY +90 points1118 days ago

Let it blow , let it blow , let that white stuff go........ Reply Report

Lodu +18 points1117 days ago

Asshole is getting caught most of the time the vids been edited so you don't see the part where his ass gets kicked Reply Report

painkillah +12 points1117 days ago

For what!?!.....this is bullshit!!! Reply Report

xxxangelxxx +12 points1117 days ago

A blow-job a week can actually lower a mans risk of heart disease so don't be stingy girls save a life Reply Report

cumdumpster +10 points1116 days ago

i rubbed my clit to this at least three times yesterday, I'm here again so i can squirt all over myself. Reply Report

coe +2 points1057 days ago

@ ,miss cumdumpster..NICE x's 3 .. seems to be one of the hottest things to me watching a smokin hot rub one out, or knowing she wants to flick the bean.. you go girl ... @ anyone else staged or not just rest your necks and take it for what it is . although i did watch the complete video i was interested in the reaction of the females when and if the noticed. Wasn't much of that someone else had said "edited" oh well take it for what it is ..dadioo at yah oo Reply Report

ace -8 points1115 days ago

Let me rub that clit for you baby. Reply Report

freak +5 points1117 days ago

Best compilation of these I've seen. Don't look staged to me at all. Women don't understand just how strong male sex drive is... Reply Report

asterion +4 points1117 days ago

To all the people getting offended by this: 1)Did you forget what website you're on right now? 2) most of these were probably staged 3)Women were made to be cum dumpsters. These sluts should be grateful that they got jizzed on. Reply Report

Robert +3 points1117 days ago

Fantastic Reply Report

teej +3 points1057 days ago

some of these are fake. like the second one. thats that fake "cum sharking" thing, thats why shes already half naked. he ran over and sprayed lotion on her Reply Report

Mo +2 points1117 days ago

What a brave men are these! The dying breed! These wankers have steel balls to approach sluts and cum on them! Wish one of them would cum straight on their face, specially on those chicks on the sand Reply Report

jim +2 points993 days ago

how come females don't masturbate on men strangers , because they have female brain. lack of real thought Reply Report

vajesus +1 points1117 days ago

So hot! I'm a chick and I line these vids Reply Report

hardpainfan11   0 points1117 days ago

I love seeing women get treated like cum rags. Reply Report

Henry   0 points1117 days ago

Love this guy! Keep posting Reply Report
Porn King

Porn King   0 points1116 days ago

Now we know what Klinton does with all his time off. Reply Report
Wow i see

Wow i see   0 points1106 days ago

He caugh at 36:34 Reply Report

Cumdumpster -2 points1057 days ago

I'd knock the women out then cum on them. Reply Report

pns -8 points1117 days ago

I wish I had the balls to do this. It would be hot if he would pee in front of them too. Reply Report

vajesus -4 points1117 days ago

I'd love to let you piss on me Reply Report

Ulf +2 points1117 days ago

I wish someone cut of your balls, douchbag! Reply Report