Degraded Prostitute Lost All her Dignity

Sexually humiliated and pissed on prostitute breaks down as she loses her last bit of dignity. The hooker traded it for cash and realizes too late this is too much and starts regretting her easy money choice as she sees her dignity shatter.

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hornblower +33 points1171 days ago

The poor girl. I genuinely want to wash her down with clean water and give her a hug.
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Fister +14 points1170 days ago

Somebody needs to sort out the grouting and sealant on those tiles. They are a mess.... Reply Report

Hardballs +8 points1170 days ago

Be nicer to working girls! It's not easy putting dicks inside yourself. Have some sympathy Reply Report
BDSM Lover

BDSM Lover +6 points1171 days ago

Would like to shit on her too ;) Reply Report

kissraiswhore +5 points926 days ago

she is a skank hooker that will do anything for the money. prostitutes like her get degraded and fucked by many men per day. she accepted this life and will keep doing it because she knows nothing else but to sell her body for money. She is now pregnant and with a third kid. this prostitute doesn't know who's the father of her kids. I think hookers like her should be degraded and made known that she is just a set of holes. Reply Report

Hoser +2 points1169 days ago

Turned my cock to stone!! Reply Report

fuker +2 points773 days ago

dumb skank deserves it Reply Report
anonymous mulberry

anonymous mulberry +1 points1170 days ago

just a bath and a kiss on the forhead and she is ok. Reply Report

User165 +1 points1169 days ago

Now say thank you Reply Report
bastard 27

bastard 27 +1 points458 days ago

Oh hornblower piss and shit is just before the garbage can she is noe useless junk Reply Report

creepypervert +1 points237 days ago

don't even clean up. Just put your dirty clothes back on and get back on the street. I'll be your next customer. Reply Report

douknowher +1 points944 days ago

why does she agree to let him piss on her face? she looks like such a sweet girl Reply Report

horny   0 points1164 days ago

anyone knows her name Reply Report
potent pervert

potent pervert   0 points1155 days ago

Was that a black tattoo on her cunt or something else? Reply Report

Funtimes   0 points769 days ago

Hookers r not so bad ... be nice to them or this happens haha Reply Report

PEEPER -3 points1170 days ago

Suicide Hotline.....
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