Cow Shit Dreams

In this cow slurry and male scat video production, HornyKinkyBoy’s deepest and filthiest cow shit dreams coming true. He starts the slurry scat session with making love with three bulging condoms full of his saved boy shit and a farmed turd before he draws his attention to the black bucket full of sleazy cow shit. He wanks his uncut dick with that incredible horny mass, adds some hot boy piss and a load of warm boy shit into the bucket, stuffs all the available man scat with his repacking toy into his sewer hole before dumping it back into the cow manure bucket in which everything gets kneaded and mixed to a perverted slurry mixture with his sleazy rubber gloves. HornyKinkyBoy is also repacking some cow shit into his piggish asshole, pressing his cute face into the cow shit bin before he puts on a gas mask for diving with his head deeper and deeper into the manure tub. After he finished his slurry dive he removes his rubber boots and bathes his bare feet in the slurry pot, puts on the rubber boots again after they got filled with manure, and smears his sexy body and his kinky rubber gear with slurry completely. Before HornyKinkyBoy’s cow slurry dream comes to its end, he is fucking the rubber boat’s ground which is full with cow shit till having a great orgasm.

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kunny +10 points967 days ago

Please for the love of god just release one full length video on heavy r please!! Reply Report

kunny +4 points974 days ago

I cum so much to your videos Reply Report

dimwillys +3 points980 days ago

Oh to only get a nice shitty Footjob from you while you repack all of that shit back inside me, I want you to be my master Reply Report

LakaROSOE +2 points874 days ago

Wow... that's pretty fucking messed up. Reply Report

mu5tang +1 points936 days ago

This is, by far, my favorite video of yours. I can't wait to see what else you'll post! Reply Report