Shitty Anal Fuck

Milky white butt of young girl gets a deep anal fuck by a black stud and he makes her shit.

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Vx +62 points1267 days ago

Is that blood? Reply Report

kery1108 +1 points562 days ago

italian slut Reply Report
Mickey Dafoe

Mickey Dafoe -1 points1266 days ago

Looks like a mix of blood, shit and skin cells that have been worn off the walls of her anal tract by the furious pounding she has recieved. Whatever it is, I would love to suck it out and swallow it. Reply Report

12wantsbbc +1 points467 days ago

wished he shoved her sht into her vagine and came deep into her making her prgged by sht and his cum Reply Report
The ReaL American Idiot

The ReaL American Idiot   0 points1266 days ago

Outta my way Mickey, me 1st you ass! lol.
Only jokin buddy, but yah, yummy yummy!
Add a bit of male scat, puke and snot and I'd be in HEAVEN.
Reply Report

slutgirl +1 points1267 days ago

That is definitely blood. If she keeps that up she will be in a diaper. Reply Report

desiree +13 points1245 days ago

Like, no regard for the fact she is BLEEDING LIKE THE FUCKING SHINING. if i were tapping that, i'd stop, get her a towel and just be like "hey, i know you're some random ho, but do you want a hug?" Reply Report

ramon +7 points1266 days ago

Blood, shit, cum and spit. Absolutely fucking disgusting. I lovee it! Reply Report

-_- +6 points1267 days ago

Ram that ass. Reply Report

Cool-aid +6 points1266 days ago

The juice is loose! Reply Report

Doctorcockster +5 points1266 days ago

Stupid ho 2/10 would not bang Reply Report
Women need rights

Women need rights +17 points1266 days ago

Don't call her that! She's an independent woman in a crazy world. Reply Report

whammo123 +10 points1266 days ago

This comment made my day. Reply Report

anal-lover +3 points1227 days ago

I would stop if I would see something like that but the guy is still pounding her lol :D but I must admit she has very nice ass. Hottie. What is her name ? Reply Report
Southern Baptist Pervert

Southern Baptist Pervert +1 points1247 days ago

Ha Glory! Reply Report

hahaha +1 points1240 days ago

If I spread my cheeks like that my anal fissures would rip and my asshole would look like an inside out starfish. Reply Report

jill +1 points1233 days ago

she's in heaven and loving every bit of it. Reply Report

rottenking +1 points1095 days ago

i like to pretend its poop Reply Report

...... -1 points1262 days ago

The comments are more disgusting than the video. Reply Report
Tits McGee

Tits McGee -1 points1244 days ago

Why did I watch this? Reply Report

ikk -4 points1266 days ago

italian slut Reply Report

Fuckthenigarrs -4 points866 days ago

Fuck the nigarrrrs. Reply Report

eww -6 points1267 days ago

that blood looked like sumthing else i swear :S Reply Report

Fucker +1 points1266 days ago

strogonoff. Reply Report