Drunk Girl Raped At Party

Two horny gives give this girl way too much to drink and abuse and rape the girl after she passed out and plaster her face in cum.

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Melissa +57 points990 days ago

Oh my god, I've been looking for this video for ages! I remember seeing it a long time ago, and it kind of got stuck in my head. Reply Report

shawna127 +7 points138 days ago

This is the BEST site ever, it has everything you could ever want. Reply Report

Satanica +2 points413 days ago

Me too, guess it could only be found on heavy these days!

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Lkusub +1 points989 days ago

Melissa wanna try it? Reply Report

angelique21 +18 points964 days ago

Been There and Done that too many times. Reply Report

angelique21 +10 points670 days ago

I have stopped drinking.....But....I still get fucked like this...I can really enjoy it more when I am sober. Reply Report

samanthadutchslut +16 points445 days ago

mmm I love to be fucked like this when I'm completely wasted Reply Report

spermprovider +10 points380 days ago

Then come up here and me and my mates will rape the shit out of you
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Michelle +13 points930 days ago

I'm not entirely sure why, but my preference as far as porn goes definitely has a rapey feel to it. I thoroughly enjoyed this, and it got the job done for me. Reply Report

Chica +9 points965 days ago

Me too Reply Report

333 +8 points990 days ago

Drunk pussy...sold pussy Reply Report

tjlickass +5 points384 days ago

Drunk, sober, passed out, I don't care. Love seeing sluts raped Reply Report

george1978 -1 points158 days ago

you sick fuck i hope your family gets raped and burned Reply Report

Joey +3 points991 days ago

Best way to fuck a bitch, no resistance Reply Report

Melissa +13 points990 days ago

Wow that's what your life is like? Everyone resists you? Pathetic. Reply Report

jriebe1952 +3 points316 days ago

This is great I just hope when they were done the camera man got a turn but I don’t know why they did nit do a double penetration on her Reply Report

ingomat +3 points327 days ago

Most successful party for her, lots of drinks and cocks. The third gay, was he filming and watching only Reply Report

dirtydaddy469 +2 points382 days ago

I love getting my daughters little friends drunk and fucking them while they are passed out Reply Report

hornyone   0 points31 days ago

me too
Reply Report

younge-slut   0 points144 days ago

i wish i was one of your daughters friends Reply Report
Kurt Mcdirt

Kurt Mcdirt +6 points376 days ago

Gee aren't they lucky. Yuck!! Reply Report

rapemygfqc +2 points356 days ago

Who want rape my GF whit me ? pm me ! Reply Report

ummmmm +1 points815 days ago

What did i jerk too? seems a little too legit. Reply Report
Paul Johnson

Paul Johnson   0 points488 days ago

Like Vanessa Johnson from Brighton Reply Report

Gast47   0 points61 days ago

Schöner Fischgrätenparkett. Reply Report
This wasn\'t acting

This wasn\'t acting -2 points390 days ago

Disgusting Reply Report

george1978 -2 points158 days ago

you sick bastards this is the most disgusting videos i've seen so far
this is not porn this is real rape i'm in shock. how can anyone do that ? if you can jerk on that you are a sick fuck and you should be in a specialized institut
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oldpike -4 points988 days ago

she needed 3 or 4 niggers raping her Reply Report

MOD +4 points380 days ago

Maybe that's what you need Reply Report

Lkusub -5 points989 days ago

Melissa wanna try it Reply Report
Drug's bad, mkay ?

Drug's bad, mkay ? -5 points899 days ago

She's at the point where she need to be hospitalized for alcohol poisoning but... no, they fuck her instead... smh. Reply Report

MOD -5 points380 days ago

This is fucking disgusting, I don't know how anyone could possibly condone this, personally I hope they are in jail being rogered every night in the showers Reply Report

Dumbfuck +4 points358 days ago

You know this is porn right? Like you're watching porn don't act all high and mighty Reply Report
Sam The God

Sam The God -6 points613 days ago

Where is the humanity ? Reply Report

@Luke -9 points990 days ago

Reply Report

no -10 points990 days ago

these loser rapists should all be violently raped and murdered and kicked out of the cosmos Reply Report

grim -10 points990 days ago

There is a point that alot of these so call rape videos arent really rape to this that gets offended by the title cause if you look at the main factor they can get arrested if the rape was real i mean come on their face is plastered on camera. Use common sense there for those who dont know their role play before camera shot. Reply Report

fuckoff   0 points984 days ago

blahblahblahboooooring Reply Report

Hornyyz   0 points984 days ago

Haha amazing. <3 Reply Report

BellaDonna -12 points972 days ago

How can you enjoy it when someone is knocked the fuck out? She couldn't even put up a fight Reply Report

Luke -14 points991 days ago

Can't understand a word of that Klingon talk.
Reply Report

lol +5 points990 days ago

Too Bad

Too Bad   0 points991 days ago

Your loss. Reply Report

Monique -14 points954 days ago

I thought this would turn me on but it was so disturbing I put my vibrator away and had shower! Damn, poor girl Reply Report

Br -16 points958 days ago

How is this video still up?!? This is clearly not a consensual video and or sex act.. What the fuck is wrong with people? What happens when this girl sees this video??? Reply Report

jannybh +6 points345 days ago

she´ll start to masturbate when she see it, what else? Reply Report

innocentdeception +7 points363 days ago

Like us women don't know what's going to happen when we get drunk with guys and we're the only chick there. Not only do we know we plan it. It fulfills our rape fantasy while we still have a controlled enviroment Reply Report

Geezer   0 points292 days ago

I like your attitude! Let me know if you'd ever like to have a drink. Reply Report

DTMDRIVIN -16 points881 days ago

This os horrible, anyone that likes this shit is sick in the head. Smh, this isn't porn, this is rape. Clear rape. Disgusting! Reply Report