Almost Raped By Pizza Delivery Guy

Amateur teen gets dared to order a pizza naked on webcam and almost gets raped by horny pizza delivery driver.

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Tyco +25 points967 days ago

That is what your stupid ass get. Reply Report

hornblower +20 points966 days ago

Unbelievable - this slut meets him naked, flirts with him, puts her arms around him but when he reacts it's HIS fault? Stupid tart got what she deserved. Reply Report

beedee241 +12 points966 days ago

And they wonder why a guy grabs them by the ass or pinches a tit! Reply Report

Berlin +6 points965 days ago

I love pizza! Reply Report

haha +4 points966 days ago

i wouldn't have left until my digits got wet. she is dumb as hell. deserves to be ass sure. Reply Report

Dalestar +3 points966 days ago

How is this almost raped? Stupid ass video Reply Report

GoodGuy +3 points966 days ago

Last 15 seconds were the best Reply Report
What a retarded bitch...

What a retarded bitch... +3 points492 days ago

The fuck? She answers the door in complete nude and lets the guy in and asks him to move things around. She was throwing out some mixed signals like a mother fucker, then calls the guy a creep, BITCH you just answered the door completely nude and let a random pizza guy in your house while doing so! What did she think was going to happen? Reply Report

DUHH +2 points965 days ago

Lmaoo "I am not doing that again fukin creepy" -_- answered the door naked..... Reply Report

kramer +1 points965 days ago

Stupid mfc whores they should all get raped by a BBC... Reply Report

sweetanddepraved +1 points574 days ago

Silly girl. I'd have let him fuck me -- at least the pizza would have been free. Reply Report
Dumb dumb dumb and DUMB....

Dumb dumb dumb and DUMB.... +1 points287 days ago

Another example of women playing mind games for fun but don't understand the game. Dumb little bitch. Reply Report
im with stupid

im with stupid +1 points287 days ago

Ya every guy gets the go around and no one well believe him... Oh wait she taped it. Reply Report
Dindu Nuffin

Dindu Nuffin -1 points966 days ago

Almost? Get back there and don't leave until you get it right, fool! Reply Report