Shitting Pig

A chunky depraved pig covers herself in shit and fucks her asshole and pussy with a shit covered dildo.

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hardcock +17 points973 days ago

This is my kind of girl, great viewing would love to get involved Reply Report

poopatroopa1 +6 points970 days ago

I would get her to shit on my face and would lick her ass clean Reply Report
El Bonko

El Bonko +6 points973 days ago

I'd worship her shit Reply Report

clinger199 +6 points971 days ago

perfect shitting arsehole Reply Report
Girl Poo Lover

Girl Poo Lover +3 points972 days ago

I would love to fuck her bottom while she shits :) Reply Report
Girl Poo Lover

Girl Poo Lover +3 points971 days ago

I would eat her pussy and lick her anus while that all slips out :) Reply Report

cum +2 points972 days ago

lovely pig =)

she made me come
Reply Report

goodstuff +2 points971 days ago

the horniest girls do this and
they dont give a fuck
Reply Report
kay el

kay el +2 points964 days ago

shes perfect Reply Report

ajdemipopusi +2 points680 days ago

I love this little pig.... Reply Report

sexis147 +1 points972 days ago

We want more videos with this angel girl Reply Report

aww +1 points972 days ago

awesome girl - what's her name? Reply Report
Mister Rogers (Locked Out of Account)

Mister Rogers (Locked Out of Account)   0 points254 days ago

Her name is Scat Goddess Amanda. She has her own website. Reply Report
Parsons Leap

Parsons Leap -3 points971 days ago

Aileen Wournous. Reply Report
The REAL American Idiot

The REAL American Idiot +1 points969 days ago

Is it just my computer, or can't anyone else hear what she's saying either? Reply Report

Amandalover1 +1 points489 days ago

Scat Goddess Amanda What a lovely and totally filthy lady Have had the pleasure of eating her shit from her shitty panties Pure heaven looking forward to sampling all her body fluids Reply Report

luczoolove   0 points972 days ago

mmmmmm she's a girl i would make love with !!!!!!!!!!! Reply Report

olix -1 points973 days ago

is she new in scat ? Reply Report

misterrogers -2 points973 days ago

No. Reply Report

Shitlover70 -1 points490 days ago

I would love to fuck her shitty ass and cum in it then I would suck the filthy cream pie from her sweet ass just the thought of eating and smelling her sweet shit makes me cum super hard Reply Report

Sub-Zero. -6 points949 days ago

The description of the vĂ­deo doesn't lie, is a pig and also as full of fat not only shit. Reply Report

contempted -11 points973 days ago

Has the pig never heard of "bacterial infection" anyway nice to see our American girls catching up.I'll be gone before its common though, or ever available. Reply Report
The REAL American Idiot

The REAL American Idiot +2 points969 days ago

Each to his/her own. To give you an idea how popular scat videos are, take a look at the number of views each 1 gets. Reply Report

bbwscat +2 points964 days ago

I'm with you on that scat is the best thing going love being shit on Reply Report
The REAL American Idiot

The REAL American Idiot +2 points891 days ago

Never had the pleasure yet, but it's on my bucket list to get my future wife to use me as a human toilet! Reply Report

misterrogers +7 points972 days ago

Have you ever heard of "shut the fuck up" ? Reply Report