Leg Cut Off By Axe

Leg Cut Off By Axe

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No Name

No Name +19 points1276 days ago

Animals.... Fu&&g animals.... Reply Report
devil\'s advocate

devil\'s advocate +4 points592 days ago

I'm not a violent person, but whoever did this should be beaten within an inch of death every day for the next 50 years.
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Justice for all

Justice for all +2 points522 days ago

Sick evil scumbags . Filth of the earth. Reply Report

theoneaboveall +2 points509 days ago

What has happened to mankind? First my son, now each other. Just randomly and for whatever reason? I should have ended this experiment long ago.... Michael was right. Humans are dangerous and evil. Even my worshipers are no better... Praying to me and molesting children... Like I even listen to their words after what they do... But these animals have a special place in where I sent Lucifer. And he's waiting. Reply Report
Bill Withers

Bill Withers +1 points107 days ago

Looks like a cartel execution. Reply Report

.. +1 points87 days ago

This is sick.. Reply Report

antiworld   0 points1276 days ago

please no procreation no sons Reply Report
Muhammed AL fiki

Muhammed AL fiki -2 points210 days ago

Allah Hu akbar mashalla Muhammed is our prophet Reply Report

me2u -6 points874 days ago

we need public executions like that here in the States. Reply Report

Blogdelnarco   0 points277 days ago

@me2u just go south and join a narco execution Reply Report